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A quilt I call JOINING

Well, this was just plain fun. Kind of a pattern, kind of not. Called a split bulls eye.  I collected a bunch of scraps, cut circles of 3 sizes layered them up on pieces of denim and sewed them together only to do what quilters do cut them up AGAIN and reassemble then sew them up. I did add quite a bit of meandering machine quilting to start, but then went to town with my hand stitching which i LOVE LOVE LOVE to do. It's a meditation. So here she is - a beautiful and Warm couch quilt. Winter time divine. For me, I call it JOINING. A palm thimble that i made and then had to reinforce with leather. Artists hands, LOL.Looks like matte medium to me.  My favorite part - after the wash, the crinkly shrinkage beautiful rumples. No perfection, points matching needed. Let it Be! Thanks for stopping by.  If you enjoyed this post, please share it with an artsy friend. Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul! Blessings, Joanie To subscribe to this newsletter, Simply click here ! If you enjoy

Oranges and Violets

Well, this work is from May, but who cares? Color is color is color and always so fun to observe. Raima B  

JULY THEME - Pet Portraits - wild or domestic, you choose

Hello Creative Friends My artists were challenged in June, but in a good way, as I offered instruction as to how to Get Resemblance in our portraits. Thats tricky stuff. But it doesn't mean we can't also be expressive at the same time. Its not Either/Or. Realistic OR Expressive. For instance....I taught how to get the proportions between the eyes and nose. Once you have that, well.....the mouth is much easier to place.  I will get some of my students paintings and studies and create a post soon. Amazing work was done....using several different techniques. There was truly something for everyone...beginners to more experienced. But lets talk now about What's Next! Most animals are earthy in color, but we will be mixing Earthy with a Pop of Color .  Here are a few of my paintings and as you can see, Animals can be Colorful! ....remember, I am a cat lady, thats why I paint them often, but I also love me some owls, and plenty of other animals. All animals of the kingdom are gr

June Theme: Painting our Ancestors

Well, really we will be combining a few things this coming month of June. Using all our newly acquired and well-practiced color mixing, with our beautiful array of NEUTRALS we will be painting vintage folks, pets, even houses. Something for everyone. This dear woman is an ancestor of mine but I haven't a clue who she is. My aunt had this photo and a few others in her photo box. Forever a mystery - but I love her! And that happened AFTER I painted her. I was seriously going to toss the photo when I couldn't identify her. There is truly something magical about painting ones own ancestors.

A Quilt called "Enchantment"

Introducing "Enchantment".....isn't she purdy? It all began with Yellow, Pink and Aqua scraps of fabric. I have been collecting all sorts of scraps.....and don't really plan on, often anyway, buying new beautiful quilting fabric in already curated collections. I am more interested in taking up the challenge of saving old fabrics from the landfill and giving them new life, new color, new design, new BEAUTY!  And this one really worked that way. 

Red Russian quick update: Meet Rita

If you saw my last post of just a few days ago I introduced my first machine and hand stitched quilt I named the Red Russian, and which I dedicated to the wonderful woman who sent me her big box of Russian fabrics.  I have gotten permission to share these lovely photos of Rita, taken by her talented friend Marina, and she told me to pick one but you know what ? They're all so gorgeous I just had to share the 3 of them with you. Rita B is from Russia but now lives in the States. She is my beautiful friend of many years through my blog posting. This is one of the sweetest rewards of posting some of my creative endeavors - the feedback loop from the Hearts of my readers.  She refers to my quilt as a Hug . When I shipped it off to her and of course she had no idea I was sending it, I told her that a Hug and an Angel were on the way. The angel was a little piece of art. "It would be an honor to be a model demonstrating your fantastic ART of the SOUL...  I have an idea to write a

Quilting rabbit hole.....and the Red Russian

When I first started handstitching a year or so ago, never ever ever did I foresee that I would not only tiptoe into be making quilts but become completely besotted with the entire process. From cutting to hand quilting. Big shocker to me!  And then, after giving it some thought, it really is just more Painting, albeit with textiles and threads. Oh Bliss! I can't get enough Color!!! So I thought I would share a few of my quilts with you.....and there are more to show, but I will try to present them in the order in which I made them. A dear reader of this blog, and fellow artist, Dear Rita B, so kindly sent me fabric that she has had with her since she and her husband left Russia many moon ago. The majority of it was red, and those dolls?  Look closely at the adorable doll faces that appear in one of the fabrics. I swooned. And named this quilt after my dear friend:  Introducing my first quilt "The Red Russian." This layout is called Split Rail Fence. Each square goes in o

Student Greens & Don't Miss ORANGE & VIOLET and Big Brush!

Omgosh, here i am boasting about my students talents again! Quick note: For those of you interested in joining my Zoom Art Classes this month of May, we start up this coming Monday/Wednesday.  We will be doing some Big Brush painting and experimenting with mixing and painting our last two secondary colors ORANGE and VIOLET .  Come join us  Mon or Wed 10am to noon. California time. Get in touch quickly though so I can save you a seat. Another Note: In-person classes have a wait list and priority for moving into the in-person class will be given to those who are already participating in our Zoom classes.  ------------------------------- Entryway by Christi C. Contemplating Coconuts by Carol P. Afternoon by the Munstersche Canal by Deborah J. No Me Toques by Barbara R. Tree of Light by Julie J. Springtime in Dingle by Marsha W. Blues in Green Garden by Jill O. Almost Springtime by Jean E. I didn't give my students much time to send me their submissions. There were so many other

How Many Greens Can YOU Mix?

Hello dear Artists and Creatives, We, my Zoom and In-Person Artists, are enjoying our Around the Color Wheel annual theme, and especially learning the ins and outs and all arounds of Mixing Greens. I think this is the most challenging color mix of all, and we are doing it ... without any green tubes of paint - Seriously! Greens aren't just for the plein air artist, either. It appears everywhere....and I love creating a portrait where I use green in the skin tones. And how about a cat's eyes? Flowers and plants of all kinds, vegetables, fruit.....you name it. Green is NOT just for Landscapes. Here are some swatches I made during my classes......no one's swatches will be exactly the same as the next as we are not all using the same pigments, but a variety is what each artist achieved.
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