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Fingerpainting - when's the last time you tried it?

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On week 4 of our Palette Knife Theme in August we tried the pure unadulterated joy of fingerpainting. Here are a few portraits that I created with this technique, if you can even call it that. We started out with one pencil of choice......to stay with that throughout. Then limited paint palette of choice. Finger paint!  That's it, go back and forth with pencil and finger paint using acrylic paint. At the end, when all had been told with paint and pencil, we added a bit of mixed media as needed or inspired. Korean Beauty acrylic and charcoal pencil, fingerpainted

A Few More Sketches - Taking a Line for a Walk

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This is just a few pics from my daily journal.....I hope to do some LIVE drawings for you soon.  LOCATION Dining table MORNING Waiting for coffee SUPPLIES Fountain pen with fude nib Black Waterman ink which is lovely and intense, fountain-pen safe     BUT.... Not waterproof. Aargh. Most of the time I do not use color Just pure ink titillates my soul I sometimes add shadows But many times not I simply draw .. or take my line for a walk.  Tis a joy! Try it!   As you can see the SUBJECT is whatever flotsam and jetsam is knocking around the dining table. LOL. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below. Would love to hear from you. Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul! Blessings, Joanie To subscribe to this newsletter, Simply click here !

All Paintings in SHOP - 20% OFF - September 1 - 7th

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First ever sale in my SHOP . Come see what I've painted.... new paintings have been added, too. STARTING NOW - August 31 midnight thru Sept 7th at midnight. (Please note i will be out of town thru Sept 7 - 13th, so expect some delay in shipping.) Use coupon: FIRSTSALE (use all uppercase) Free U.S. Shipping, too! Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul! Blessings, Joanie To subscribe to this newsletter, Simply click here !

Lots of Edgy Texture - Palette Knife Paintings

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Palette knife painting is cool in many ways: POSITIVES No messy brushes Hard expressive edges Fabulous scumbled edges, that are not smooth, but delicious nonetheless Thick textural paint Acrylics, Oils.....are perfect mediums for palette knife painting NEGATIVES - kinda sorta Harder to get details, but one does this with paint on the very tippy tip of knife Better to have a variety of shapes of knifes (not really a negative....) Gouache and watercolor CAN be knifed, but it is more unique. Must practice your technique for this. So what about SUBJECT or COMPOSITION? Here's what I suggested my artists do as soon as they popped into our Zoom class: Simply grab some item out of their pantry and a piece of produce on their counter. That's it! Limit the paint palette to maybe 3 colors, or less than an expansive palette....so we could concentrate ONLY on our technique.  Simple subject - the everyday ordinary stuff often

Painting a Unique Original Face - don't miss it!

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Hello Creative Folks, Let's get right to it... SEPTEMBER THEME I will be running my artists through a series of face studies, and parts of the face studies, in order to pull together a Unique, One of a Kind, FACE that is your own original.  Interested?  Get in touch with me quickly  if you are interested, so I can fit you into one of my 3 weekly Zoom classes. Week One for September starts next week - yep, that's Aug 29 and 31.  See calendar below. Here are a few examples of some of "my" faces that have evolved over all the probably 1000s of faces I have drawn and painted over the years.  I draw often with ink, paint with acrylic and gouache mostly, and throw any and every kind of mixed media into my creations that I feel like playing with.  acrylic on wood

Inspired by a Little Box

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Hi folks, I draw something every morning, I leave my supplies out on the dining table...and while I am waiting for my coffee to brew, I grab a charcoal pencil, or a fountain pen, or something, anything...and draw some object in front of me. I am usually too lazy, or tired, to go hunting for something, so my eyes just search for the nearest shape in my line of sight. I bought some new ink the other day....and it came in a little box. Ink bottles always inspire me. So i started with that.

First We Painted Brushes...

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then we painted BRUSHES! Last month's theme of Painting our Art Supplies was such a blast and so many awesome paintings were painted. But on week 4, I introduced a final project of painting simple cheap scruffy paint store brushes. The inspiration was from a talented artist, Alexandra Dillon, I found online.*

Art Supplies Paintings and August Theme

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Our July theme was painting our own Art Supplies. I gave some instruction on how to photograph them to get some strong compositions. And how to photo edit just a bit.  We meet via Zoom each week and after a check in, start drawing and painting in whatever medium calls to our Inner Muse at that time. It is so important to pay attention to one's inner leading....I practice that I am a new artist every time I sit or stand at my art desk.  What works for you to keep yourself inspired and your work fresh and new?  The first painting is a nod to my new Nova Color acrylic paints. So far I am really enjoying them. The Nova formulation is soft body as opposed to the heavy body acrylics I have been using for well over a decade now. Title:  Jars of New Paint .

ART TIP, JULY Theme and new SHOP feature

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Ok, folks..a new tip & more... Now that my SHOP is up and running (I cannot even express my relief and joy over this) I feel rejuvenated with my own painting. I have hardly stopped....I will have some new art studio pics soon to show you some inspirations of organization and paintings. ART TIP Acrylic painting is messy, at least for me. And my aging hands hurt after cleaning all the paint off. So here are a few things that have made this so much less painful and easier:

SHOP is open!

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Hello dear creatives, Thank you so much for your patience as it has literally taken me YEARS to get a shop back up on my site. Thank you for all the nudges and questions and continual prodding. There were times I thought, oh forget it, I'm too old, blah blah blah.  I finally got tired of my own excuses, and by an enormous measure of Grace, got 'er done! I chose 5 categories for my paintings: Everyday Stuff  (still life, I love painting the flotsam and jetsam just laying around the house) Faces (well, duh...) Furry Ones (duh, again) Flowers - this was going to be merged with Everyday Stuff but I had so many it really warranted its own category. Outside Views - I have very few in this category....but did have some work with this subject that made me smile. This is the lineup of categories......if you click the graphic it will take you to main Shop page. Each and every painting I posted (66 to start) makes me happy, hits a personal standard. I accomplished the goal, whatever that

JUNE THEME and Exciting News!

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Hello Fellow Creatives, June is here but we took Memorial Day week off to get refreshed....and hope you all got some chill and relax time in. As for me, well.....more in a minute. JUNE THEME In my weekly Zoom classes this month, starting next week, June 6 and 8, we will be painting ICONS OF YESTERYEAR.  You can intrepret that however you like.....but will most definitely be challenging and fun, and create a stir. I will be introducing some intentional collage ideas to incorporate, and add that extra little spice to our projects. WHO'S YOUR

MAY THEME: Shapes, Shadows & Silverware

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This should be fun...oh yeah. We will start with some drawing.....silverware -------- surprisingly tricky and alluring and addictive!  I will teach a few photography ideas to make some really unusual shapes, shadows and reflections. Then we will do some value paintings to get a good LOOK at all those fascinating reflective shapes and place them where they belong. And of course Color and Composition will play a big role, don't they always?
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