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My paintings are contemporary, loose, expressive and soulful. I work in multiple media: primarily acrylic, ink and gouache and as often as possible I work on recycled supports. Inspired by God, Matisse, Modigiliani, women's faces, portraits with soulful eyes, pensive looks. Furry ones, mostly cats find their way onto my canvases. I delight in painting flowers, such joyous subjects. I LOVE TO PAINT, and I love the process of creating art. My goal is to inspire you.

Joanie Springer was raised in western upstate New York and from the youngest age creativity was her constant – whether playing piano, performing in theatre, singing opera or simply making things. After moving to California in her late teens, she spent a few decades raising children, working corporate jobs, earning a couple of college degrees and otherwise living a busy life. On her own again, she took up painting at age 54, and with typical passion jumped in without looking back and her art career, or as she likes to refer to it, her art journey began.

Within a couple of years of teaching herself to draw, and continuing to paint daily, she started a blog where collectors discovered her expressive and original art.  She is thrilled that her art is collected around the world and that aspiring artists are clamoring to be taught by her. She has found her Bliss and intends to paint til her final breath. This is it!

Joanie currently resides in Northern California wine country and teaches in Santa Rosa, CA and occasionally in Healdsburg. Or wherever!

M.A. Culture and Spirituality – Holy Names University
B.A. Literature/Creative Writing – Sonoma State University
Art – self-taught artist, though I do enjoy attending an occasional workshop.

From 2009 to the present, Joanie has exhibited in galleries both online and brick and mortar, had solo art shows, her art published in magazines and covers, as well as teaching locally and through her art tutorials online.

2018+ Showing at Red Shoes Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA
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