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A Quilt called "Enchantment"

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Introducing "Enchantment".....isn't she purdy?

It all began with Yellow, Pink and Aqua scraps of fabric.

I have been collecting all sorts of scraps.....and don't really plan on, often anyway, buying new beautiful quilting fabric in already curated collections. I am more interested in taking up the challenge of saving old fabrics from the landfill and giving them new life, new color, new design, new BEAUTY!  And this one really worked that way. 

I have been requesting from friends and other sewers their leftover fabric scraps, shopped a bit for designer offcuts on Ebay, and fortunately for me there is a thrift store, Legacy, locally dedicated to fabric and sewing notions as well as other artsy supplies. So that's my Nirvana. Sometimes I thrift for fabric, even to cutting up old clothes made with wonderful fabrics.

I really thought this obsession was just going to be me having a few fabric scraps in my lap each evening that I hand stitched together in artsy ways. But after a couple of quilts under my belt, I invested in a sewing machine (Bernina's little sister - Bernette B77) and I named her The Beautiful Beast. She's doing everything I need her to do. Elegantly.

It always starts with color selection and design ideas, and then cutting.

And I became acquainted with the ubiquitous HSTs, quiltspeak for half square triangles. 

My living room floor to the rescue as a design "wall". It's what I would call a color flow quilt. There are 4-patches of all yellow, then patches of 3 yellow and the next color (aqua), then 4-patches of 2 each yellow and aqua, then the next 4-patch iof 4 aqua....and so on. It creates this lovely blending effect. 

I used my machine to quilt this one...making simple wavy lines all the way through. What a production to quilt a rather large quilt sandwich. Extra tables are brought out to balance the weight.

I had an old thrifted duvet coverlet and then extended  its overall width with some leftover quilt top fabric, and made this backing for the quilt. I absolutely love how quilts get all bunchy after you quilt and wash them. Oh yes, binding is the last little bit to finish off a quilt and I love machine stitching it on to the quilt but then finishing it off with hand stitching all around.  Stripey binding is such fun.

Another cozy hug done....what's next?

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Blessings, Joanie

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