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Painting a Unique Original Face - don't miss it!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Hello Creative Folks,

Let's get right to it...


I will be running my artists through a series of face studies, and parts of the face studies, in order to pull together a Unique, One of a Kind, FACE that is your own original. 

Interested?  Get in touch with me quickly if you are interested, so I can fit you into one of my 3 weekly Zoom classes. Week One for September starts next week - yep, that's Aug 29 and 31.  See calendar below.

Here are a few examples of some of "my" faces that have evolved over all the probably 1000s of faces I have drawn and painted over the years.  I draw often with ink, paint with acrylic and gouache mostly, and throw any and every kind of mixed media into my creations that I feel like playing with. 

acrylic on wood

mixed media on paper

acrylic on canvas

ink and watercolor on paper

Portraits are fascinating in so many ways, some of them are irrefutably self-portraits that emerge subconsciously, parts of our unique painted faces are based on some of our own features.....or rejection thereof.  Many are influenced by our favorite artists, relatives...and the list goes on. We will examine many painted faces by old masters as well as contemporary artists -  as well as build our skills to creating faces that FIT our own aesthetic qualities and skills. Faces emerge, Faces evolve.....Faces are Fascinating! Faces do not have to be realistic, think Picasso. They do not have to be all smooth either - think Van Gogh. For every artist there is a Face. Let's discover Yours!

Be prepared to draw and paint this month. And build a Face uniquely your own artistic expression.

Contact Me before paying, please...so I can fit you into the best class for you and where seats are available. If you use the contact form, and then DON'T hear back from me, please check your spam folder. Because I ALWAYS respond. 


September Dates - a bit wonky, but we still fit all four weeks in:

Monday classes begin Aug 29, then on TUES Sept 6 to accommodate Labor Day, skip the 12th, Then resume for wk 3 and 4 on Sept 19 and 26.
Wednesday classes meet, Aug 31, Sept 7, skip the 14th, meet again 21 and 28.
And no worries if you are away any class, as you will receive the full 2 hour recording each week. 

Yep, Creativity Heals - it sure does!

PS - Stay tuned for some of my palette knife and finger painting paintings created in August. So much fun!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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