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Lots of Edgy Texture - Palette Knife Paintings

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Palette knife painting is cool in many ways:


No messy brushes
Hard expressive edges
Fabulous scumbled edges, that are not smooth, but delicious nonetheless
Thick textural paint
Acrylics, Oils.....are perfect mediums for palette knife painting

NEGATIVES - kinda sorta

Harder to get details, but one does this with paint on the very tippy tip of knife
Better to have a variety of shapes of knifes (not really a negative....)
Gouache and watercolor CAN be knifed, but it is more unique. Must practice your technique for this.


Here's what I suggested my artists do as soon as they popped into our Zoom class:

Simply grab some item out of their pantry and a piece of produce on their counter. That's it!
Limit the paint palette to maybe 3 colors, or less than an expansive palette....so we could concentrate ONLY on our technique. 

  • Simple subject - the everyday ordinary stuff often make delightful paintings!
  • Simple palette
  • Now let's figure out how to use and paint with a palette knife, or knives.

Introducing the Pantry and Palette Series (mind you, I had no idea there would be a series, much less called this.....I just PAINT, and then the rest evolves. Reminds me of Nike phrase - JUST DO IT!)

palette knife paintings
12 x 9 inches on paper
acrylic, charcoal, some mixed media

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