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Inspired by a Little Box

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Hi folks,

I draw something every morning, I leave my supplies out on the dining table...and while I am waiting for my coffee to brew, I grab a charcoal pencil, or a fountain pen, or something, anything...and draw some object in front of me. I am usually too lazy, or tired, to go hunting for something, so my eyes just search for the nearest shape in my line of sight.

I bought some new ink the other day....and it came in a little box. Ink bottles always inspire me. So i started with that.

But then, the Box drew my eye. And it was dang challenging to get all those angles. But I persisted. You can see where I went back and whited out my mistakes. I don't erase, generally. With charcoal and dip pens, and fude nibs, there's no use in erasing. So, I just kept going. For days now I have been drawing this little box over and over. 

My friends tell me - I am tenacious!  Lol, I would have to agree. 

I draw fast, letting my hand just move......i don't try to get it perfect but i DO try to SEE like an artist. And that is different from normal seeing. You have to look as if you have never seen this object before, it's a Zen experience. In allowing yourself to UNsee the object, you begin to SEE it anew.

I am in intuitive drawer - i don't follow nor flow with perspective. I kind of understand the basics of perspective, but I feel more comfortable trying to SEE perspective as it appears than understand and apply it technically. Just the kind of brain i have.

I used a little all blacks watercolor set with interesting shades to throw some color down.

Omgosh, those flaps, bedeviling!

Used a new G nib pen above, quite tiny. I need lots of practice with it.
Then switched to my favorite Fude nib pen below. 

Well, that's my practice as of this morning.....you can always grab a can of soup from your cupboard, or absolutely anything.....and keep drawing it until you GROK it. Get it. Know it. Experience it.

Or at very least don't need any white paint for touch-ups!

I might add a few more pages of little boxes in the days to come..... it's not so hard to draw this little box anymore. Wink!

Art is so dang cool!!!!

and so are you! 💓

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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