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JUNE THEME and Exciting News!

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Hello Fellow Creatives,

June is here but we took Memorial Day week off to get refreshed....and hope you all got some chill and relax time in. As for me, well.....more in a minute.

In my weekly Zoom classes this month, starting next week, June 6 and 8, we will be painting ICONS OF YESTERYEAR.  You can intrepret that however you like.....but will most definitely be challenging and fun, and create a stir. I will be introducing some intentional collage ideas to incorporate, and add that extra little spice to our projects.


Care to join us? More info here....and be sure to contact me if you would like to reserve a seat for June. 

And for the Exciting News - here it is. I have an Online Shop that will be live in a matter of days. Yep, I finally got around to it. I  have spent endless hours organizing my many years of artwork, sometimes I only needed to sign pieces to complete them, then I add a certificate of authenticity to each one.....and assemble with backing board, and clear envelope. Figured out the shipping mailers sizes and weights, and so on and so on......Other paintings needed to be excavated and reworked. Still so many to go. 

But I feel Lighter, Hopeful...and Inspired to make more artwork, because it will no longer sit in piles...but find new happy homes instead. And that spells:

It has been years, and I fear many of my former collectors have long given up on me, but maybe there are a few lingering, hello, hello, I know I promised to open a shop again....and I hope to find new collectors who would love to have my artwork gracing their walls. So to New Beginnings!  Cheers!

The picture above looks like nothing, easy peezy. I tell you, this took 2 weeks sitting on my living room floor (what a mess in the process) and my sciatica started aching like mad. Sorry to complain but I look at these neat little crates full of artwork, and I wonder....what was my long hesitation about? Why did it take me this long to reopen my Shop? I just can't say....it's a mystery to me. But the NOW of it, that's exciting. 

Stay tuned....just days away. 

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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