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ART TIP, JULY Theme and new SHOP feature

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Ok, folks..a new tip & more...

Now that my SHOP is up and running (I cannot even express my relief and joy over this) I feel rejuvenated with my own painting. I have hardly stopped....I will have some new art studio pics soon to show you some inspirations of organization and paintings.

Acrylic painting is messy, at least for me. And my aging hands hurt after cleaning all the paint off. So here are a few things that have made this so much less painful and easier:

1. Use a rich hand cream before painting. I currently have some foot cream, yep, that works great.
2. Pumice Stone - omgosh, I used to use a vegetable scrubber and man oh man did my hands hurt. Chewed up my cuticles and everything. So it seems strange, I realize, but a pumice stone rubbed into soap, and gently massaged over painted hands, is much gentler, and cleans even better in seconds. 

my hands aren't beautiful...but they are clean! ha ha


JULY Theme for my Zoom classes
We are painting our Art Supplies - that's right, not just any brush or tube of paint, but OUR VERY OWN supplies. Tips on photographing, or creating a still life that will be an interesting Composition will be emphasized. And some other cool ideas...I encourage imagination!  Each week we will have a slightly different focus. Any medium you love to play with, can be illustrator-y or painterly. I have a Google Photo Album ready to send my artists full of seed ideas......Contact me if you wish to join us.


Next, my SHOP. I paid for a cool customization, it's this. First click to SHOP, then pick a Category. When you go into a category, you can now scroll effortlessly thru that category from one painting to the next. Before you had to go IN and OUT of each one, what a bore. So now you scroll, scroll, scroll - previous/next style. Saves so many clicks! Try it out.


Testimonial from recent Private lesson
(A student previous to our private session couldn't figure out how to reboot her creativity)
Yesterday's private class was both fun and enlightening. The color wheel demystified. 
I feel freer about making art, and more eager to explore MY OWN creations. Trusting my own feelings.
Joanie is a sympathetic, inspiring, and encouraging teacher. This class was well worth it.
The download (ZOOM recording) is something I can refer back to when I need it, and the suggested art supplies have made me excited again about playing with art. I truly enjoyed the experience.
Many thanks!

For more info on art classes - both group and private, click here.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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