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Art Supplies Paintings and August Theme

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Our July theme was painting our own Art Supplies. I gave some instruction on how to photograph them to get some strong compositions. And how to photo edit just a bit. 

We meet via Zoom each week and after a check in, start drawing and painting in whatever medium calls to our Inner Muse at that time. It is so important to pay attention to one's inner leading....I practice that I am a new artist every time I sit or stand at my art desk. 

What works for you to keep yourself inspired and your work fresh and new? 

The first painting is a nod to my new Nova Color acrylic paints. So far I am really enjoying them. The Nova formulation is soft body as opposed to the heavy body acrylics I have been using for well over a decade now. Title: Jars of New Paint.

The next painting is on a collaged cardboard canvas. I am a nut for cardboard, you may recall. I painted this in acrylic but the brushes needed some pizazz so I took out some fineliner with black and white high flow paint to add some "pop". Title: Three of Them.

Side view

The above painting titled Quartet is truly a mixed media artwork. I started with walnut ink, used oil pastels on the brushes, and acrylic for the background.

Old and Wrinkled (above) - the more wrinkles the better to create the abstractions as light and shadow fall across the irregular surface.

One of my favorite surfaces of late is smooth mixed media paper, 98lb, that has been gessoed on the back side. It gives the paper resilience, and almost a leather-like quality. Just loving it. This also started as a walnut ink drawing but I threw my mixed media mojo at it and this is the result. Title: A Simple Twosome.

Any chance you are inspired? Get in touch so we can save you a seat in next month's class, as seats are available.  More info here and Get in touch here.

4 Classes per Month - AUGUST 2022 - beginning August 1 and 3, depending on which class you are in. 

A number of our artists are joining us, not Live due to scheduling conflicts, but via the weekly videos. They watch and do the lessons on their own timetable. They have the option to join us / share their artwork via our private Facebook group.

So join LIVE or not Live, as you wish. I promise you will be inspired and encouraged to try new things and start painting beyond your current level. Try us you might like us! : )

Consider joining us for August......we will be creating our paintings Without Brushes! That is, we will be using palette knives, our fingers, and a variety of other unconventional tools to create expressive marks. Each artist will choose their own subject to paint. 

Got a minute to look at my Art? Take a stroll through my SHOP. Thanks. Hope you like what you see. 🥰


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