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APRIL THEME: Oil Pastels - All Mixed Up & ZOOMing into our Art Community

Friday, April 1, 2022

All mixed up? What?

During our 4 weeks of April classes, we will cover a few basic techniques for this exciting medium, some different ways to blend and all that. BUT the main focus will be on how and when to use this creamy medium in our watermedia paintings. And some fun mixed media applications thrown in.

Care to join us?   There are very few seats available for Mon 10 - noon and Wed 10 - noon. 

Since moving to Zoom we have really built an art community that is kind, compassionate, passionate and aspiring.....we share our works and works in progress in a private Facebook group, and each artist gets to see what other artists are doing as well as those in their own class. And I pop in and offer suggestions, too.


ZOOM CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE TO ANYONE INTERESTED, the 2 hour videos each week are available for a week following class as well as downloadable to watch any time. I have had a few artists review the videos to see if they stand on their own with plenty of instruction, feedback, critiques, and encouragement, as well as loads of demos. And the answer is a resounding YES! No longer do you need to attend the LIVE session to feel a part of our community. Access to our private Facebook Group is included. Get to know the other artists...the inspiration is endless.

CLASSES BEGIN NEXT WEEK. If you are interested in joining us and want a bit more info, contact me and I will send you a PDF of my Art Class info and Supplies List.


... it's your class that motivates me to do any art - and I've really enjoyed both the class, your artwork, and the release doing art brings into the day! Thank you !! - Dana O.


You will find yourself painting like you never thought you could. Joanie introduces new techniques and materials frequently so you are never bored ... Her online classes are a welcoming, supportive community. - Raima B


I learn so much in Joanie's online art classes!  Her demonstrations are clear and informative, and her command of the camera and zoom techniques make it feel like she is right there with us ... Joanie sees so much, and offers us masterful critiques of our individual artworks with clear plans for the next steps we might take to improve them. She is always supportive and encouraging, and I appreciate her online classes so much. - Robin


I love Zoom art classes because I get a front row seat for demos and I get the benefit of seeing others' work up close too. I'm not distracted by other classmates' chatter. No tedious packing and schlepping of materials, unpacking, repacking and setting up again at home. I can work larger, too. I have everything I need, because I haven't left something crucual at home, I am home. Love it! Yes, I'm a fan!

Joanie's classes are fun and full of learning. She is flexible and has a good sense of humor attached to the never ending life-experience of a true creative. Her background in design gives her students a wide range of experience-based tips and techniques that enhance the art-making as well as the artwork.  - Natalie T


I can't praise Joanie enough! A friend from Florida invited me to join Joanie's online class almost two years ago. Even though I'm from Illinois and Joanie lives in California, distance has been no barrier. She makes it so easy and fun to participate and is so encouraging. She also is a tech whiz so signing on to her Zoom class or watching the video later is as simple as clicking on a link. 

I've always enjoyed art, but considered myself more a crafter than an artist and thought I would be in over my head. Joanie has endless patience in answering questions and her enthusiasm is contagious! I've learned so many new techniques from Joanie and from seeing what the other students are doing. - Marsha W

Gouache, Oil Pastel and Ink

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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