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APRIL Summary of Oil Pastel FUN

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Hello dear artistic souls,

This past month we ventured into the oh so wonderful, smooshy and fun world of oil pastels. What a grand experiment! 

Here are a few things we learned: 


  • oil pastels are fun!
  • messy, yep, it's true, but there are always rubber gloves if you wish
  • colorful, vibrant
  • are 3D - yes, quite sculptural, able to create luscous impasto marks
  • layering!
  • "scratchy scratch" watch this delightful oil pastel artist for more on that, thanks BlackBean for YOU!
  • like all media, it has it's own unique surface quality....
  • applies to many surfaces, glass, wood, canvas, paper....


  • messy! And honestly, is this really a negative as all art making is messy! Discovered that if you spray or rub your hands with some oil BEFORE you wash your hands, the oily residue comes off much more easily. 
  • supposedly never really dries, but there are workable fixatives that can seal the work in progress. AND then you can use a finishing varnish to totally seal it.

Here is a collection of a few of my oil pastel pieces this month. Some started with ink, followed by gouache, then oil pastel and many also built out of oil pastel entirely. We also had loads of fun with laying ink over our pastels in the Resist Technique, my absolute favorite. (Photographs kinda glarey as they were taken through the clear envelopes, sorry.)

It's really awesome to create in community, as we all benefit by what each artist is learning...and so collectively we all learn so much more than we could ever figure out on our own, or in a much shorter time.

And on Week 4 I did a demo during our Zoom class throwing the kitchen sink at this piece -  everything I have learned this month about oil pastels - an Elizabethan Mixed Media gal, haven't named her yet.

If you miss creating, and want to have full permission to experiment and create YOUR WAY, consider joining us for a month of classes and join either via Zoom live each week, or like many of my students - be a part of our community but receive each of the 4 weeks a month and watch the videos on your own time. Each video has everything you need to fully create your own works - tip, tricks, demos, questions answered....you name it. Participate in our Facebook Group (private) and upload your works in progress, and meet and converse with other artists in my classes and share feedback with them, too.

Contact me if interested.....May starts up next week!

I will be sending another blog post tomorrow with May's Theme......prepare for more fun and creativity this coming month of May.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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