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Keeping a Painting Fresh

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Hi Everyone,

During August we (me and my students) are having lots of fun creating Contemporary Botanicals. Here are a few of mine (gouache and mixed media). We worked loosely with our paint to begin then added all sorts of mixed media for line and interest. So many beautiful interpretations of plants were birthed this month!!!

For the month of September, our THEME will be "Keeping it Fresh."

Can you all relate to one or both of these creative dilemmas?

You start a painting, and wowzer, it is going really well. It feels like it is painting itself, your excitement rises, and you feel like you nailed it. THEN, you  realize it's not quite finished, but you don't have a clue how to finish it, what to do next.......

What happens at this point is usually one of two things.

1.  You either find yourself too intimidated to put those final touches in there, that special magic that brings your painting to the WOW level. You decide instead that you better stop while you are ahead, since you don't know what to do anyway.  And your painting stands as is....even though you know it could have been better. But playing it safe.... just feels right, or rather, Safe!


2. You keep going, keep painting, keep dabbing, throwing everything at it, and soon you realize that maybe you should have stopped sooner. But you knew your painting wasn't done! What's an artist to do?

For September I will demo a few ideas to keep you, and your paintings, loose, interpretative (not copied) and FRESH!

Care to join us? I offer two ZOOM classes per week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday mornings, 10am to noon, California time. I have students from Chicago, Boston, Washington state, and even Key West, FL.  My one in-person class (FULL) meets on Monday afternoon in Santa Rosa. 

***I have a couple of spots left for my Zoom classes. More info on Zoom classes here.....get in touch.  

September classes start Monday Sept 6 and Wed Sept 8. These Zoom classes always have a video recorded, so if you miss a class, just wait til I send out the video and you can BE THERE for all the instruction, demo, and classmate's creations!

My teaching philosophy encourages every painter to paint like themselves! No cookie cutter nonsense in my classes. If you don't yet have a style that you are aware of, I will help you find it. And if you have a subject matter, painting medium or style of painting that feels like YOU, go for it. I will offer guidance as you need it. 

This is about painting like YOU, not like me. 

( I teach watermedia - acrylic, watercolor/gouache & mixed media, but some of my students use pastels and watercolor pencils. Composition, design, color mixing, values, etc... are the same no matter what media one uses.) 

Hope to see a few new faces soon! xo

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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