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My AWAY Art Supplies and a Radish Painting

Friday, May 22, 2020

Hi folks

I am up in Seattle visiting my daughter, and furry grandbabies, and was delighted (and relieved) that my flight was less than a third full, and airports very sane and quiet. Everyone masked. Phew!

Knowing that my daughter would be teaching online while I was visiting for a week, I brought, let's see...a bunch of self-entertainment:

ipad pro
art supplies

Oh yeah, a few clothes, but we are really hunkering down at home. Shelter in place loungewear. LOL. No sight-seeing on this trip!


I am not a minimalist when it comes to art supplies, that said, this is very few supplies but ones that offer me a wide range of colors... 

My larger gouache palette with broken handle holds more than the 18 pans, as you can see, I rubber cemented a few half pans of handmade flourescent gouaches. They are just loads of fun to dip into once in awhile. Certainly not an everyday paint. Let's call it pure fun.

Now for my ART DESK -

In the first five minutes here, I set up a box and made an Art Desk. Must have a space to create!  And my daughter's coffee table would have been overwhelmed had I set up there.  A quick cardboard box taped up, then a cubbyhole razored for supplies - to keep the kitties away from the gouache, and my daughter had a posterboard that she allowed me to cut to size and tape down. It's a good thing I love to sit on the floor, so this desk is temporary perfection! Here are a few pics of my instant and moveable art desk. Love that I can push it over to the window in the daytime, and back under living room light in the evening. Cool!

Oh yeah, my daughter and I made that cool cat tree over xmas holiday. With a jigsaw. 


The inspiration - My aunt and cousin grew these gorgeous radishes, I just paint them! ha.

Yesterday I started a drawing of the radishes, a tight little drawing and then some tight little painting. Yuch, it exhausted me and my inspiration fizzled. So I put everything away.

But today I wanted to paint those radishes again
but with a different approach
this one loose
and expressive
which i like to think of as my "style",
So I turned the page,
and beginning with a brush full of gouache on a blank page
and no drawing in
i began to paint.

Now I was having fun, and finished this painting in the same amount of time (i am guessing) as the drawing and tight little radishes i barely began painting yesterday. 

and some detail shots

Oh, did I mention, I am absolutely gobsmackingly in LUV with Gouache?


BTW - I am having a blast working with my students on our Zoom hosted online art classes each week. All the glitches are in the rearview mirror and everyone is doing an amazing job. Thru Zoom I can share my desktop and show lesson material up close and so easy to see. And my second camera is faced down on my art desk so artists can see exactly what I am demo-ing or painting in real time. So fun!  

If you are interested, click here for more info. I have one spot in Mon 1-3pm  and one seat left in Wed 1 - 3pm. Classes are limited to 10 students so everyone gets plenty of one on one instruction. All times are Pacific time.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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