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4-Week Summer Camp - join us online this August

Monday, July 27, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope each of you reading this has remained virus-free and are finding ways to make sense of this somewhat restricted living. For me, it's all about staying creative, whatever that may be, sketching, painting, making things out in my workshop, maintaining my profusion of roses, using up scraps of wood, building a deck in my backyard (thanks, Cuz), cooking, making vodka infusions(!) and rose petal jam. How could i forget, still baking bread!!! And so on......I am guessing that you have found some ways to be ultra-creative too. More time at home, we gotta stay busy.

It's a good time to think Outside the Box.

So, here's what i have dreamed up for those of you who may be interested... And to cut down on too many words, here are some informative snippets...

Zoom (easy as clicking a link and you are in our classroom) and happy to do a practice Zoom session with you, too.
Title of August Theme: Book Club
Choose a day - Mon or Wednesday 1-3pm (California Time)
4 week commitment only (though this is my ongoing online class)
Hop in for a month and find out what we do and how this online thing works

4 weeks beginning Aug 3 / 5, $120
A minimum of 3 paintings, and a Project!
Wk 1: We will each pick a book whose cover, and content, inspires us
We will paint that cover, learning how to approach the lettering, as well as how to simplify so we are only painting what we want to paint - too many details can bog an artist down
Wk 2: We will paint another cover, but this time from a different perspective. Don't worry, I will demo you thru this.
Wk 3: We start our Project - which will be a Book End for functional use on your bookshelf. 
After our prep, we will paint some books in yet a different way. 
Wk 4: We will finish our Book End Project. 
BONUS: A wonderful benefit of Zoom is that the classes are recorded and I send you a link to the video after class.  This is downloadable as well. So if you had to miss a class, you really aren't missing much/anything at all!!

Lots to learn, lots to play, wonderful series of paintings AND a bookend by month's end!
Hands on demos and lots of instruction
Personal one on one "check-ins" throughout the 2 hour lesson.
You can watch my demo's clearly, it's like every artist is in a front row seat!
Just for the FUN of it.....try something new.
If you haven't been as creative as you wish of late, here's your chance.
Meet the nicest bunch of artists you could ever want to meet.
Enjoy the encouragement and joy of painting with others.
Beginners to experienced painters....Welcome!

Watercolor plus a tube of white gouache, or acrylic paints
Some craft paints or acrylic for the Project
A dinner plate size palette for mixing paint
Watercolor paper and a mixed media sketchbook, nothing fancy
A few brushes, a marker, pencil....whatever you like to draw with
Keeping it simple...

Contact me to register, the seats are very limited. I have maximum 2 per class available. Limited to 12. So bring along a friend and start smiling. This will be F-U-N!


This is a sample I painted this morning on cardstock......yep, just plain old printer cardstock. I was playing around with a bookcover that my daughter, the English teacher, wants me to paint larger for her, The Great Gatsby, so I worked out a little practice piece here.  Go ahead, think about what books have inspired you over your life....and let's get painting!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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