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VIDEO: A Watch me Sketch Two Faces Video and How I Made It

Friday, July 8, 2016

Hello everyone,

I have been teaching lots, and when on my own playing around with videotaping myself sketching. Oh yeah, I used the 4k video option on my LG G4 smartphone. It takes gorgeous photos, too. I'm still working on the video part!

Here's my set up:

video set up over my art desk

video set up over my art desk

video set up over my art desk

Here's the product I found on Amazon for a whopping $14.95. So far so good.

I have posted a couple of videos on my Instagram so far, but they have to be really short (under 1 min) and that means speeded up 8x. Which is fast!

But I thought you might like to see the complete videos, and a bit slower (2x) rather than 8x. The entire sketching time was 6.5 minutes, so the vid below is 3 of so.

So here you go: (Btw - I didn't add music as I generally find it a bit annoying, or can't find just the right tune, so listen to your own!)

PS Oh i did end up adding music from youtube archives after all. Just turn your volume down to enjoy the silence. There is no talking on this vid so you won't miss a thing!

FiFiona begging me to come and make more art
FiFiona begging me to come and make more art on my sketching desk. I have a separate painting area as it helps me to designate my "craft and sketching" desk separate from where my canvases and paint live. Believe me, they both get chaotic!

ink and stick ladydoodle sketch
a little chalk, some washi tape, and neocolor crayons finished this little sketch off.

ink and stick ladydoodle sketch

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