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ART TIP: From Chaos to Order at My Sketching Desk (Art Studio Overhaul)

Monday, July 4, 2016

After being blessed with my own home which meant for the first time in 7+ years since I started painting that I would have my own dedicated art studio....well, Bliss happened.

my dedicated sketching desk in my art studio
But I soon learned that I needed TWO STATIONS for making art, one dedicated solely to my sketching, diy, crafting and playing around projects. And the other to painting. (The latter my more serious work.)

Off to the thrift store where I found the above utilitarian desk.

But I encountered another problem - everything I had on the desk kept falling backward!  Ugh. The solution? Make a back for it. I am no carpenter, but I am resourceful so I dreamed up this little design. And if I may boast a wee second, I was really excited to have mitred the ends. See those diagonal cuts? I did these by hand with a little mitre box. Ooh fun.

making a backing shelf for my sketching desk in my art studio

diy backing shelf for sketching desk in my art studio

You can see those soup cans up there? I used them for awhile, but decided over the weekend to get myself some of those heavy glass votive candle holders from the Dollar Tree. And then because I have soooo many art supplies and pencils galore, to even label the holders. Now I am really grooving along, finding what I need in record time and having no excuse to immediately put away everything easily when done using.

(Yes, I bought a label maker at Office Depot. Cool fun!)

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