ART TIP: Organizing All Those Art Pencils and Pens - part two

Monday, July 11, 2016

I got a number of inquiries as to what labelmaker I used and how I chose what categories for my infinite number of art pencils and pens. So here's a bit more info:

dollar tree glass candle votive holders for art supplies organization
What i love about these is how solid and heavy they are. fill them up and they will NOT tip over. Perfect for a bunch of art supplies.

my brother pt-d210 label maker

my brother pt-d210 label maker
I paid about $30 at Office Depot. Excited that all the empty printer cartridges I returned there paid for it! Woohoo, $2 per cartridge. 
fifiona looking adorbs on my new art studio carpet
FiFiona looking adorbs on my new art studio carpet. Sweet Shy FiFi. She is really quite a small, petite cat, BUT as you can see, she looks like a pyramid when she is sitting down. Err, hmmm, she likes to eat!! And in the background you see that brown basket square? That's where all my unfinished paper paintings live til they get done. At least they are now off the floor in piles.

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