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My Students Blues - and April theme beginning week of April 8th

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Hello creative folks!

As you know, I don't blog too regularly these days....I'm always hoping to change that but so far this monthly post seems to be my "thing."  

I am so excited to reveal my talented and kindhearted artists' work for you but give me a quick moment to announce the color theme for our upcoming month. We have completed our primary colors of Red, Yellow and Blue, so we are moving into the secondary triad by starting with GREEN. I really believe that GREEN is the most important color to get the mixing just right. Look at the bright emerald and kelly greens that come out of a tube, then try to paint a nature scene with those paints, and yep. You just can't get it right. One month of GREENS in our Zoom class and you will be starting to mix, ANY Green, like a Master.

So come join us if you love painting nature, plants, etc.  and your color mixing has resulted in mud or just "wrong" mixes. I love to make these processes exciting and doable. That's another one of my "things." (Wink)

So get in touch - there's still time - as we took off this first week of April  as a Spring vacation of sorts, and will meet the next 4 weeks in a row starting April 8th.  And remember, you can participate without even attending our Zoom meetings as the classes are recorded and available for 2 weeks on the Zoom server. Additionally each recording is downloadable for however long you wish to view it. 

Monday 10am to noon ZOOM 
Monday 1:30 - 3:30 IN-PERSON class - full with wait list
Wednesday 10am - noon ZOOM 

Interested in joining us?  Get in touch asap. And IF you do not hear back from me, please check your spam folder....I always respond to emails I receive. Please know that!


Now on to these special paintings....omg, get ready to swoon! Thank you students, for sharing your amazing gifts and allowing me to share them with my readers. 

Silence by Dana O. 

Staircase by Carol K. 

Magical Landscape by Julia S.

Breakfast by Jill O.

Sunrise by Barbara C.

Shifting Sands by Jean E.

In Advance of Adam by Deborah J.

Painting Sketch by Christi C.

Tulip with Blue Vase by Denise B.

I've Got the Melting Glacier Blues by Marsha W.

Mare Senza Spiaggia by Barbara R.

The Seeker (wip) by Amy S.

Chien Bleu by Rebecca M.

Blues on Blue by Carol P.

Blueberries by Kathy B.

Wishful Thinking by Raima B.

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Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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