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Integrating My Art into Hand Stitchery

Thursday, January 5, 2023

As you know, I have been experimenting with Slow Stitching.....since the holiday break -  doing lots of experimenting, which is my process whatever art project I am into....but the Bigger Goal is finding my way with the art I already create....

I may have hit on something and thought I would share it with you.

My little gal here is just laid on top of a frame that fits her approximately.
But I find her deserving of this type of frame. 

I have named her
Peeking Through the Veil (2023)

Meanwhile I am

  • discovering different fabrics to sew on and with
  • gathering supplies - a couple of friends have generously donated a large supply of glorious scraps
  • organizing fabrics by color (i know some do this by design, florals, stripes, it makes more sense to me to organize by color)
  • playing with color palettes (i do this intuitively, but then again, I have been and continue to study color for years now..., but there are color wheels and design resources to assist one in choosing harmonious colors)
  • adding to my thread collection - so many different weights and colors and my eye is so drawn to the variegated ones.
  • invested in two new pair of scissors, arthritis foundation endorsed! because, OUCH, i had to. So-called normal scissors don't work for me. I also use a too dull rotary blade thingy too. Must get new blade.

I was very excited to incorporate one of my "girls" into a stitchery project. She is a gouache and walnut ink little portrait on handmade crinkly paper. She's been laying around a few years I think moving from one unfinished box to another. So I lightly glued her down, and sewed her in place - note to self - sewing thru paper is not fun! Then I looked thru all my fabrics and threads and played. Gussied her up with the bits and bobs I have! 

So this direction.....incorporating the art I already create into this new world of hand stitchery.....this is feeling Good! We will see where it leads....

You can lift up her veil and see her eyes...


Meanwhile in art classes this month we are using tree references to get back into painting after the break and because trees offer SHAPES! And then we will add start adding COLOR that won't be so usual.....but fascinating to study. 

Check out my CLASSES here:

In the meantime, I hope each of you is creating something new and comforting and even exciting in your own creative practice.  Onwards.

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Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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