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My Studio Overhaul - DIY in the midst....and a Tribute.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

It's been too long!  

Life keeps kicking and dancing along...sometimes hopping, other times stumbling.....but onwards it goes.


I am overhauling my art studio....not just purging this time, but really shifting it all up. This summer I am getting new flooring for the house, which includes my originally-a-dining-room-now-art-studio space.  Gave me an opportunity to really look around and see what is no longer used, nor useful. And what would improve the space overall.

The biggest decision was to trade in my art table for a bonfide real artist standing easel!  Woohoo!  I am so excited about the possibilities for me and that easel. Found a good one on Facebook Marketplace. Came home and made some modifications.  Such as....built a wood rolling base for it. 

Next I figured I would need a taboret (art vocab for a rolling cart to put one's paints on while standing, or sitting, at one's easel.) Drove off to my favorite thrift store, St. Vincents here in Rohnert Park, and just like magic, there were the two things I needed. A tall comfy upholstered stool with a bar for resting my feet on. And a rolling tv or old typing cart with a little extension piece for my taboret. Out the door $20!

To date, this is where things are at in the studio......it's not done, but getting there.

artist easel modifications on wheels

I made a few modifications to the cart aka taboret, which included a bottom shelf and trim around the top so my art supplies and palette don't go sliding off. I am soooo glad I have my power tools and workshop. My second studio indeed!

Trying out my new set up.....it works!

That little extension is perfection!

Today I got around, finally, to painting the two new pieces. I had some leftover white chalk paint and used that.  Second coat now done.....but tomorrow may require a 3rd. We will see.

First coats are always so arse ugly!

Stay tuned for the Reveal....coming soon.


My dear sister, Patti, passed away this past week. Cancer claimed another beautiful soul. I am bereft, yet know that death is not a period, it's a comma. And I believe with deepest conviction that I will meet up with her again across the veil. Newly retired at age 63, I asked her what she was going to do with her retirement time, and I was expecting "Read 1000 books..." and the like. She was a devoted librarian. But no, she said "Stack rocks." I laughed, What? "Yep, I am going to stack rocks". 

Patti with her beloved Tristan (Trissy-Poo). 

So in her honor, I have stacked a couple of rock piles in my side rose garden....and my friend Giovanna brought over a Buddha. And my pal Nancy gave me those lovely little plates that were on their way to the thrift shop. So here is what I have for now..... I imagine this may change over time and season. But for now it's my little piece of solace and peace. Patti leaves behind her wonderful husband, Brian, and two dear daughters. Samantha (& hubby Josh) and Robin (& fiancé Josh) and 2 precious grandchildren, Matilda and Oscar. Well wishers and pray-ers, may I ask for a little prayer for their comfort and peace?.....Many thanks.

my sister Patti's memorial rose garden

So all you dear souls, enjoy your summer, and a cautious reprieve from the dreaded coronavirus, and cherish every relationship you have. One can't say I Love You too much. It never gets old.  I am so blessed that Patti's and my last words to one another were exactly that. Praise God!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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