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Sunday, July 30, 2017

This past year+, along with lots of healing up of my hands, I have done loads of house projects with the expert assistance of my cousin Thom. Two sky tunnels (omg, amazing light!) and awnings on my shed, then I have totally overhauled my shed into a no-longer-shed, but a full on workshop. (Another post coming on that....)

But for now, in prep for this inner renewal, I have gone though hundreds of paintings I've created in past several years, and designated countless paintings for the "return to infinity" pile. And by that I mean I ritualized the process, sat down in deep quiet, and rather than an "X" on each one -that felt so final and almost deathlike- I chose a large "zero" called an Enso. Like this

I did this with white gesso
and lost count of how many paintings returned to the Void
but well over 100 on paper
50+ canvases
50+ on wood
and so on....

the numbers don't matter, though I was a bit curious.

Once I started collecting paintings off the wall, and from other storage containers, I almost couldn't stop. Oh that one there, yeah, that can be painted over, and that one there, oh heck, why not? White enso circle...

And with each and every painting, I spoke a gentle "Thank You" for the experience of having painted it. That was an integral and very important part of this ritual.

So what is next? OMG, not sure, but I feel something new birthing deep within.

And this is my process. Never one to do something in little reasonable increments, when I get an idea....it's all the way. I'm just weird that way. So wish me luck....I am hoping some exciting art comes through. Deeper, richer, more resonant with my being that is healing from 15 months of pain and recovery.

Blessings upon my hands, and yours, too. Take good care of them. Let's see what magic lies ahead.

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Mark your calendars...do not miss my 2nd Annual Open Studio on Nov 11 and 12 with Giovanna and Nancy. Raffles, Demos, good eats, my talented students' works, and loads of my art at ridiculous prices. (What's left of it, lol.) My aunt will be our shuttle driver again this year. She had a blast meeting so many of you.

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

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Blessings, Joanie
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