I have finally gotten around, years later, to putting a SHOP back on my webite. It's been all about healing my hands so I can be on the computer more, but not too much. And teaching has been my main focus and joy for years now. My students and their blossoming talent continue to inspire me.

So thank you for visiting, and hope you enjoy the many art tips in my BLOG, and paintings in my SHOP and just feel blessed while you hang around awhile.

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My Favorite (Non-Art) Art Tools

Friday, January 1, 2016

Opening up old stuck obstinate paint tubes…what a struggle!  So here is my first line of defense, a small square of shelf liner, under the rug can’t think of the name of it, but very grippy, and a bit sticky.

And when all else fails, this is the failsafe!    A 99 cent nutcracker from a thrift store.  You probably already have one, but this style with the curve is fab!

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