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My “Top” Reason for Preferring Liquitex over Golden Acrylic Paints

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I’ve been using my acrylics again in my refurbishing of frames production.  And here’s the doggone simple truth of it for me:
broken caps on golden acrylic paint
broken caps on golden acrylic paint

This makes me sooooo stinkin’ mad!  All the more so as Golden paints are so expensive.  I’ve broken so many Golden lids, caps, tops, whatever you call them. And here’s one more.
liquitex makes fabulous caps for their heavy body paint
Now, au contraire, Liquitex makes brilliant caps.  They not only never break, but they are easy to get on and off.  Really easy.  Smart Smart Smart!

Golden caps vs Liquitex caps - Liquitex wins hands down

I called and complained years ago about this cap breaking business, and they sent me a dozen of these big black caps to use so i didn’t lose my paints to drying up.  I used them all, that’s how many caps broke.  And NO, i do not sledge hammer them to open them.  Just turn or twist, and occasionally take a pliers to them, gently I assure you, but they break no matter what.

Anybody else have these problems?  And as I get older and more arthitic (!) I need easier better caps. 

Blessings and Paint On! ~Joanie

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