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A Simple Collage Painting

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let’s paint a little COLLAGE PAINTING!

  • take a piece of watercolor paper
  • glue down some magazine bits, or newspaper or some paper.
  • take all your leftover little blobs of paint on your palette
  • or pick three colors you love (or don’t!)
  • and spread them all around
  • use your brushes
  • your hands
  • a stick!
  • draw back into the wet paint
  • THEN, let it dry.
  • Then SEE what you SEE, let your imagination soar…and start painting!
  • Don’t overwork it, keep it fresh.
  • Psst – if you get too much opaque paint on it and it covers some cool layers, spray some alcohol on it and wipe back.  Magic!
  • My piece you see here was totally a whim, but when dry, I looked at it and saw a vase and flowers (imagine me painting flowers! LOL) and just started negative painting out parts that I “saw” and voila…a fun little painting. Look closely and you’ll see a man’s face and a hand! Fun, eh?
I’m not really sure this one is done yet, but very close.

This one was a silly pear example – a la Robert Burridge – that I was showing a private art student, then I changed the shape a bit, and saw a Meditator of some sort. This is definitely a work in progress, but the drawing I did in under layers are fun, eh? And see that text?

Blessings and Paint On! Joanie
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