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The Ever-Soothing Past-time - and a few Vessels

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Call me crazy, but I tell you, this sitting calmy in complete quiet, stitching away for hours, has become a deeply therapeutic experience for me.

I took a bad whack to the head in the beginning of May, sustained a concussion and have been dealing with bouts of vertigo since. So being Still is healing, a Quiet that my soul and body seem to be craving.

Meanwhile, I do plan on putting together a couple of stand alone workshops, but this Head Bump set me back a bit.  Sorry for the delay. 

So stay tuned....One workshop will be a painting one....4 hours, with a lunchbreak, via Zoom. Let me know if you would prefer a Pet Portrait or Flower Painting workshop for this first one, ok???

The other workshop I have already written the lessons for is a Begin at the Beginning Slow Stitching one. This will also be via Zoom, about 4 hours with lunch break included. Stitching is not only calming and soothing, but wow - with its skillset, it's doggone practical too. We are talking fun artsy things like vessels, cool patches for your jammies, jeans or jackets,  practical mending and even darning socks! I promise, its all really FUN. Especially once you learn the hacks!!!

Sample Hacks
1. Thread a needle - easy peezy - even with challenged eyesight.
2. Gather fabric without visiting a fabric store.
3. Sore fingers? Oh no worries, gotta a hack for that, too.
More hacks to come...

Here are a few samples of my slow stitching vessels....a couple of vases, hand stitched over glass with batting and fabric scraps. Zero waste! I save every thread, bits of fabric and add them to other projects. Am loving this repurposing aspect, too.

Kudos to Heidi Parkes for the vessel idea! Brilliant.  And her amazing quilts. She is inspiring me lots these days as she does so much stitching by hand. My machine is out of its case and has its own little space now in my Gallery Room, but i seldom use it. I choose the Quiet. 

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Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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