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Stitchery - "A Little Bit of This and That" Bag

Friday, March 24, 2023

I did NOT have a bag in mind when i began this piece. I was at a friends house showing her a few basics of slow stitching. Opened my boxes and bags of goodies I brought over, took out some Blues, and started composing something simple. We both did.

After I got my piece home and continued to stitch, I thought....hey, I think I like this. How about I make it into a larger piece, then I can actually DO something with it.

So back to those little english paper piecing, as my talented friend Laura the Quilter suggested, and this time they were only 1" squares. Teeny tiny!  But again, as fun as can be to make.

Once I had enough of those I added strips of denim around the edges to enlarge, then appliqued the little squares on. Did my stitchery thing....and then another friend brought me a pair of jeans she was no longer wearing...and behold, another purse idea was born. 

Once again I used my sewing machine for the seams, thank goodness!

I have learned very few embroidery stitches.....have discovered some of my favorites and just repeat them over and over. This isn't about embroidery for me, just making marks, texture, combining colors like paint, and being "Loose and Expressive" lol, the name of my art classes. 

Must have pocket!

If a thread is long enough to use again, I save them in this little glass. all the stitching i did on the back of this bag were from these little ends. i didn't care which color i picked, just threaded my needle and kept going til it felt complete. Waste not Want not.

I deconstructed the jeans in order to make the back of the bag. And even partially destroyed the waistband in the process. But i had an idea....

and that idea was to attach the waistband to the top of the purse, then make an over the shoulder strap.

This one already needed a little darning, where i yanked too hard on the belt loops. Oops!

I was kind of bored with running stitch by now.....so i did triple stitches. Just seemed fun. And it added a repeat of the stitches i added around the mini squares.

and finis!

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