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INK, Incredible INK!

Friday, March 31, 2023

Ok, Artsy Folks,

We have a new theme on the horizon for April, and this is one of my all-time favorite media, Ink. I always think of black ink first and foremost, but really any color imaginable is available to us artists. 

We are also slowing down a bit so we can take a deep dive into the various ways ink has been used by artists from around the world.  And try a few ourselves. Cool!

As most of you know, I lean toward a more minimalistic, loose and expressive form of art, so even my portraits shown below are fairly quick and minimal, but as you can see, full of expression. Each artist will have a chance to figure out just how much detail is their own particular sweet spot. And each way of expressing is blessedly Right! Ain't that great? Ahh, Art.....as many artists as there are - as many ways to express ourselves. So join us and find your sweet spot!

Here are a few of my ink drawings done with a bamboo pen or one of my own drawing sticks:

ink and washes

walnut ink and cut out eyes

ink and spray technique

We will be slowing down a bit, and this theme may run from 6 - 8 weeks rather than the 4 week themes I have been teaching the last several years. We will take a bit more time to really experience this new media, the ways to work with it, including everything from bamboo pens, drawing sticks, dip pens and moving to the ever beloved and highly versatile fountain pen.  And yes, oh yes, we will be adding colorful paint and other media to our inks, too. And more time to have some truly finished paintings at the end of this series.

Are you new to ink? New to art? Have a bold heart and lots of enthusiasm to learn new things? Come join us. 

Three different class times are available weekly (California time(:
Mon 10am - noon
Mon 1:30 - 3:30pm
Wed 10am - noon

Contact me asap if you want to join us. All classes via Zoom, and I send out the Zoom link 15 minutes before each class to make it super easy to find the email, click the link, and there you are! In the classroom with your fellow artists.

SUPPLIES for week 1

lots of mixed media paper 
ink, any kind will do, as long as it is in a bottle
bamboo pen
stick! yep, just a stick from your latest nature walk.....a bit thicker than a pencil is best. I will be showing how to create your own stick and we will be decorating them too into one of a kind drawing tools 

Just look at this amazing ink drawing by V. Van Gogh! Mindblowing.

Here's our April calendar....and no worries if you are away one week or two, because we record each and every class and it lives on the server for 3 weeks. And you always have the option to download, too.

See you in class with Incredible INK!!! 

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Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!
Blessings, Joanie

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