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BACK IN TOUCH: Blog Update & New Hampshire Photos

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hello dear ones,

(This was supposed to send to you a loooooong time ago now, back in October. So Happy Thanksgiving, and I am back blogging!)

It's been just about a year since my last post, and I have not fallen off the map. Just been very busy teaching 3x a week, painting, taking quite a bit of reflection and soul time, and I can truly say that Life is Good! Hope you are all well, and have Peace in your hearts.

When I looked over my website, I came to realize that my vision for my blog had diluted...what was originally the sharing of my art journey, became more about my other hobbies, such as diy, thrifting, photography, my fun with woodwork and building things.  So I clarified my vision, removed many posts, and will continue with sharing mostly Art-related things, art tips, new paintings, art process, supplies, etc. Maybe a few posts with photos, just because I love to take pictures!


I have also given my website a nice face uplift, be sure to look around. I will be adding my tutorials back in, and some kind of shopping cart, but for now, it's all free videos, and paintings to look at.

Blogger, this website's technology, is very strange about sending posts. I turned it OFF while doing this upgrade, then just turned it ON again, and instead of sending posts as I now post them it sent a slew of posts that I fixed up, including a few new ones. I have no control over that but do apologize for the inconvenience of that.  Going forward these posts should be fine....

A few new things: I turned off comments, but please feel free to email me thru the contact form "get in touch."  I decided to do that for the ease. As I am now 66, my keyword is SIMPLIFY.

And now just some pics I took while in New Hampshire......glorious part of the country!


Meanwhile, I spent a happy and gorgeous week in New Hampshire with my dear friends Jane and her hubby, and here are a few pics I took. The first 6 from Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH.



One of the highlights, there were so many, was teaching a Pet Portrait workshop while in NH. Big thanks to Jane for arranging it, and all the wonderful students who came and painted with me for the day. Still smiling!

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Blessings, Joanie
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