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PHOTOGRAPHY: Cat Love and Cameras

Monday, April 25, 2016

Oh I can't tell you how much I want (need!) a lovely new camera....I absolutely drool over them. I watch youtube reviews endlessly, and subscribe to a few photography blogs....but I just haven't been able to let myself splurge yet.

Plus there is the little matter of my surgical bill!!!

UPDATE: (Actually there is - just released this week - a camera I am finally very keen on that is within my budget.  (Panasonic Gx85, in case you are interested.) You see, to justify this new camera it has to replace my current camera, and two camcorders. It must be a marvelous stills camera as well as a video cam. In other words it must be truly magical!) And since SIMPLICITY is my word and focus for the year, sure makes sense to me

But here are a few pics I've taken with my cellphone....

harley j pants sunbathing cat photo by joanie springer

sweetest kitty ever fifiona photo by joanie springer

obessed with my cat fifiona photo by joanie springer

white pears photo by joanie springer
Po Monster

Charms hanging from my car mirror

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