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ART TIP: Art Supplies Bucket Carrier

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Now that I am teaching weekly at Riley Street Art Supply, I really needed to get organized as I was carrying wayyyyy too much stuff back and forth.

So here's a simple 3.5 gallon bucket from Home Depot and in the tool carrier section, there was this fabulous slip over a bucket organizer.

Art Supplies Bucket Carrier - Art Tip by Joanie Springer

Here's what's inside it:

My liquitex paints - two yellows, two reds, two blues, white and black gesso in ketchup containers,
scissors, water container, zipped bag of brushes, my work shirt, plastic to cover the table.... and believe me, there is much more room, and more little slots to fill.

The only other thing I take to class is a small homedepot moving box full of whatever is needed for the class - pretty dang cool, eh?  I used to take so much before. Now I have everything I need for less.

Art Supplies Bucket Carrier - Art Tip by Joanie Springer

Oh yeah, the handle. That's some tube insulation foam that I also found at Home Depot (can you tell I just LOVE that store?)  It is already split down one side and has double stick tape on it to close it up. I just cut a piece and slipped it over then secured it with duct tape. Oh my, very squishy and comfy to carry. 

Art Supplies Bucket Carrier - Art Tip by Joanie Springer

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