I have finally gotten around, years later, to putting a SHOP back on my webite. It's been all about healing my hands so I can be on the computer more, but not too much. And teaching has been my main focus and joy for years now. My students and their blossoming talent continue to inspire me.

So thank you for visiting, and hope you enjoy the many art tips in my BLOG, and paintings in my SHOP and just feel blessed while you hang around awhile.

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Watch and Learn: WAKE UP Art Tutorial $25

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another full length painting workshop (45 minutes of carefully edited video) – and your opportunity to participate in an online tutorial that has a private lesson feel. You watch, you listen, view my entire setup – and even paint along if you wish. NOW DOWNLOADABLE.

Learn to Paint…Yes, you can! This is a start to finish Watch Me Paint “WAKE UP” a still life painting tutorial – includes 3 DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS you can watch on your own time and at your own pace. Listen to my instruction and thoughts as I paint, as I make decisions and why I am making them. You get a birds eye view of me mixing my paints, and learn what pigments I am using as well as all the other supplies. Plenty of close up video, too. And we take the painting to the finish line, down to the final detail. What better way to learn, right?

So I offer this self-paced workshop to all of you who have continued to ask and even beg me (wink) to create more downloadable art tutorials.

SELF-PACED workshop
work at your own pace, no hurrying
work quickly and start again, or take it slowly


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