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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Here it is, at last – my first full length painting workshop (almost 1.5 hours of edited video) – and your opportunity to participate in a class that is as close to being in one of my workshops as you can get, yet with a private lesson feel.

I have learned more, and grown more artistically, since I not only took up painting frequently (just about every day), but also began painting in series. Sometimes after finishing one painting my mind just couldn’t come up with what to paint next, and my efforts and inspiration were stalled. But by beginning little studies in a series, all that changed. The think-work was removed, and only painting loose, expressive and joyful remained. That’s where the magic happens!

So I offer this self-paced workshop to all of you who have continued to ask and even beg me (wink) to create more art tutorials. This first one is all about painting more paintings, painting frequently and painting in series.

SELF-PACED workshop
work at your own pace, no hurrying
work quickly and start again, or take it slowly
it’s all up to you.

NO EXPIRATION DATE - this entire course is DOWNLOADABLE and yours forever!


As soon as you purchase this workshop you will receive all the login information needed to get started immediately. Be sure to scroll down for order details on your checkout page.

You will need a computer and a steady internet connection. There are 8 videos in this course for you to download. I suggest you get a google drive, onedrive, or dropbox account to store them unless you have lots of hard drive space.

After purchase, you will receive a link which includes a 29 page pdf with step by step instructions and when to watch each video to follow along.  You will then be able to enjoy the content whenever you like, forever! (I no longer offer streaming option. And no, there is no DVD version either.)

SHARE your artwork, if you wish, at a group account on flickr set up for this tutorial’s participants, you can show off your paintings, ask for help from your fellow artists and comment on each other’s work as well as start discussions.

NO REFUNDS due to the instant accessibility. NO expiration date ever.

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