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From Sketch to Painting - Samples

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Now that I have only the minimum of sketching tools out amidst the towers of boxes everywhere, I pulled out some old sketchbooks and discovered some fun drawings I had done in the past years. And here are three that I picked out to show you of the before-and-after inspirations.  You can click on any of the graphics below and read more about the actual paintings. Hope this inspires you to thumb through your old sketchbooks and see if there might be some paintings beckoning to be painted by you!
ink and gouache

ink and gouache

ink and gouache & acrylic

and last but not least, here’s the Christmas card I put together. (Also inspired by a simple sketch…and spiffed up in Photoshop.) No matter what your beliefs or traditions, I wish you each a wonderful winter holiday.

Blessings and Paint On! ~Joanie
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