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The Challenge of Figure Drawing

Friday, October 10, 2014

A month or so ago I discovered a figure drawing class in town.  I’ve posted some paintings from a male model session here. It’s kind of not my thing and at the same time it’s such a marvelous challenge. I’m using it as a playground for trying different media.

This second time I attended, there was a lovely young woman who wore a thick woolen hairband, which I just loved…as it so clearly depicted the tilt of her head in each pose.  An advantage for me who has never studied anatomy in-depth.
I used ink and a stick or bamboo pen this time, and grabbed a few diff colored inks as I ran out the door. Most folks there use dry media, something I have never gotten used to nor was ever trained in.  I like my media wet and sloppy!

The only “problem” with my using wet media is that because I paint quite quickly, I was constantly ripping pages out of my sketchbook and making a larger and larger mote of wet paintings on the floor all around me.  I have to admit I was kind of embarrassed but it is what it is.  When I went home though, a lot of that blobby ink was still not dry which posed a problem and a couple of my fave pieces of the night smeared a bunch. Nonetheless, I’m taking my ink again, sloppy or not, wet and smearing, messy and all! I love it!

I downloaded a cool new program onto my Surface Pro 3 called Fhotoroom, and edited these pics in there. Thus the cool grungy frames. I love playing with photo editing software especially now that I’ve said au revoir to Photoshop!!!
I painted/sketched over 18 pieces this nite, and these are my “besties.”
a 2 minute pose…see those brush strokes on the paper? that’s from the thick coat of gesso I used to cover the previous sessions “bad” sketches. waste not – want not!

these two on a page are one of the first drawings i did, in the 2 minute pose phase. The first few are usually quite awkward, and then one eventually finds the lines. i like the expressiveness of these.

a couple of 5 minute poses, egad, i love ink! i did take a scruffy asian brush and my water bin with me to pull out some ink here and there.
my absolute favorite sketch of the nite,  minimal in line and embellishment. though i did choose to fill in the pillow. i leave the class after two hours (it goes for three) because i lovelovelove the many short poses, as longer poses i tend to overwork.  (and i’m a homebody! LOL) we each have an innate “pace” at which we do our best work, listen to that, explore that, and discover your “pace.” this one will be matted and framed for sure.

Blessings and Paint On! Joanie
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