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My Decision About Oil Paints

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I love oil paints, but the smell of the linseed oil just kills me.  It’s not the solvent – I never used any.  Even those odorless mineral spirits are no good for me. I don’t even like being in the same room with them.  They are NOT non-toxic, folks.  Just LESS toxic than the alternatives.  I have friends who swoon at the smell of oil paints, but for me, it makes me gasp for air, and irritates my sinuses.  So, with all this purging going on, I made a big decision. It was not an easy one either.  I got out all my oils, used the tube wringer on every tube, then took pics of the whole huge set of them, sent out an email to my artsy pals and sold them.  Here’s what I had:

Meanwhile I did keep the walnut oil Oils, as they are practically odorless.  I still love oils, it’s just no longer healthy for me to use the linseed oil version. These are M. Graham – the only manufacturer of walnut oil paints that I am aware of.  Do you know of others?? And I love Gamblin’s solvent-free gel – have you tried it?  Very nice medium. For now I’m really enjoying all my watermedia – acrylics and gouache.

UPDATE 2015:  I eventually had to give up oils altogether in 2015 after having horrible asthma issues from the smell of the linseed oil.  Back to acrylics.

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