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Color Coding Your Paint Tubes

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chaos is crazy-making for me.  That said, I’m not one to rummage through a drawer or shelf full of paint tubes and have to hunt around each time i need to lay out a  new color on my palette. My initial system was to use ziploc bags organized by paint colors:

-yellows and oranges

paint top of artist quality tube paint with color

Container of tube paints all color coordinated to save time hunting for the perfect color

That worked for awhile, then drove me nuts with all that digging around for the right tube.  I knew my system needed updating.  And here it is:  Simply “paint” the color on top of each lid.   Then stand them up in a couple of inexpensive buckets like the ones I picked up at Home Depot.  You can see that I have divided my tubes up by warm (reds, yellows) and cool (blues, greens) colors.  But whatever works for you, go for it.

Now, how easy and fun is that?

I have saved SO MUCH TIME since switching to this color coding system, and I have to say it’s really fun to look over and see all the colors too just waiting to be squeezed out.

ENJOY!  And stay tuned for more tips, cuz I’m full of them and I love to share!  : ) I have been so blessed by the generosity of so many artists online who have shared their process, tutorials, and inspiration, and this is my way of contributing to that treasure trove.

Blessings and Paint On! ~Joanie

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