A Watch me Sketch Two Faces Video and How I Made It

Hello everyone,

I have been teaching lots, and when on my own playing around with videotaping myself sketching. Oh yeah, I used the 4k video option on my LG G4 smartphone. It takes gorgeous photos, too. I'm still working on the video part!

Here's my set up:

video set up over my art desk

video set up over my art desk

video set up over my art desk

Here's the product I found on Amazon for a whopping $14.95. So far so good.

I have posted a couple of videos on my Instagram so far, but they have to be really short (under 1 min) and that means speeded up 8x. Which is fast!

But I thought you might like to see the complete videos, and a bit slower (2x) rather than 8x. The entire sketching time was 6.5 minutes, so the vid below is 3 of so.

So here you go: (Btw - I didn't add music as I generally find it a bit annoying, or can't find just the right tune, so listen to your own!)

PS Oh i did end up adding music from youtube archives after all. Just turn your volume down to enjoy the silence. There is no talking on this vid so you won't miss a thing!

FiFiona begging me to come and make more art
FiFiona begging me to come and make more art on my sketching desk. I have a separate painting area as it helps me to designate my "craft and sketching" desk separate from where my canvases and paint live. Believe me, they both get chaotic!

ink and stick ladydoodle sketch
a little chalk, some washi tape, and neocolor crayons finished this little sketch off.

ink and stick ladydoodle sketch

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Teresa Cash said…
TOTALLY ENJOYED watching your video. You've encouraged to me take my next step and recording myself, too! Thanks for that. I've placed my order for the apparatus to hold my phone. Keep up the GREAT work, Joanie!
Gayle said…
You've rekindled my mark-making MoJo Joanie! I have a stack of old books in which I clean off my stencils and brushes. Some interesting back-ground pages are begging for something else - hadn't figured that out yet - until I watched your video! I am definitely dedicating one of the altered books for faces. Love the marks your homemade quills make (I may rescue some branches from being put in the recycled bin). And lastly, THANK YOU for not adding music. I always have to mute this feature on other videos. I love music, but it resides in the same part of the brain as my creative muse, and they make for very competitive room mates, one out-shouting the other. When I paint, I have audio books or podcasts on to distract the other side of the brain (left - thinking - judging).
joanieART said…
Hi Gayle, So happy to inspire you into more mark making. And yes, I kind of gave up sketching for too long a while, then started using altered books for my sketching and now I can't stop. And sketching, doodling, playing with our creative muse is sooooo important. Have fun!
Nancy Faris said…
You make it look so easy!!! of course I realize that you have drawn literally 1000's of faces. Enjoyed watching.
joanieART said…
Thanks, Nancy. The key, I believe, is to keep it loose and fun. I sometimes have to put my hand over my heart - seriously - and check in to see if JOY is in the center. If not, I am struggling way too much and losing the joy. Just getting technical. And that is "off course" for me. : )
joanieART said…
Oh good! For $15 you can't go wrong. And whether one publishes one's videos or not, it's good to watch your own mark making. It's interesting to say the least. Like where does our style of painting and mark making come from? We each do it so differently. I love uniqueness and creativity - it's all so mystical and magical. Go have fun making your marks!
Hal Wright said…
Would have loved to watch the video, but YouTube says you removed your account! Bummer.
Hal Wright said…
Maybe it's just a problem with the link. . .or with me! Went directly to YouTube and found the 2X video and watched. Fun!
joanieART said…
Sorry to have caused troubles for you folks. Yes, I deleted an old account and kept the active youtube account. Meanwhile, I have relinked this vid to the proper account above. Thanks for bearing with me! Glad you found the vid and enjoyed it, Hal. Hope you are doing well and staying creative.
Anonymous said…
Both faces are FABULOUS!! You make it look easy AND fun! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!
joanieART said…
Thanks, Melissa.....(i know it's you!)

So glad you enjoyed the video and by all means, share this exercise with your nieces. It's great fun....from making the drawing sticks to using them in delicious black messy ink!
Geri Kody said…
Always inspired by your art!! Thanks Joanie!