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My Monday afternoon class (1:30 - 3:30pm) has resumed IN PERSON. Santa Rosa, CA (wait list).

 Wow, we have waited a long time for this. So come join us if you prefer this format. Otherwise my two morning classes will continue via Zoom.


Otherwise, things are pretty much the same (see flyer below), each month I introduce a theme, and we work on that theme with personal demos, instruction and loads of encouragement and inspiration. JOIN US! Join anytime, you won’t miss a thing. Contact me for more info.

PAYMENTS LINK for group and private lessons.

GROUP CLASSES - Online and In-person

Beginners Welcome BUT if you are truly a beginner I recommend taking a private class or maybe a few with me (in-person or via Zoom), to get you set up with the foundations. This is to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed in my group classes.

Can't make it to class at the designated time? No problem.
It IS possible to take my online art classes wherever you may be in the world. Let's say you are in the UK, EU, South Africa or Australia, or whatever awesome place in the world, and our timing prevents you from attending the LIVE class ... you could sign up and receive the video recordings each week which are available for viewing two weeks following class and participate in our private Facebook group page. In there you can keep an eye on what the other artists are creating, and comment as you wish, as well as upload your own works in progress and get feedback too. I also pop in and make comments and answer questions. It's a lot of interaction even without attending the LIVE sessions.

How you gain access to the Zoom class.
15 minutes before class I send an email with the Zoom link for that days class. That's it, easy. Just be sure you have the Zoom app downloaded, and maybe practice with a friend to be sure everything installed correctly. So, it's as easy as clicking on the link. As soon as you receive the link you can log in, don't wait til the top of the hour. You will see a few of us gather and futz around our desk, get water, etc.. or otherwise chat and say hello before class starts. Not really any different from arriving a few minutes early to an in-person class. Then we start On Time. Late arrival gets a bit distracting and requires me to repeat everything....so please be an Early Bird!


Each class is recorded and I usually email them out the same day after recording is done, but sometimes the next day. The recordings for each class are posted for 14 days before deleted. You have the option to download the video (link in top right corner on actual video page) if you will need more time to review a particular lesson. But, be forewarned, that these files are HUGE, like 2 - 3gb each. So it is quite unrealistic to save a bunch of them.....you will fill up cloud storage quickly. Best suggestion is to watch in the same week, or download a specifically important lesson and keep it around a bit longer. 


I teach private 90-minute sessions in my studio, as well as online via Zoom. The hour and a half time slot allows for specific instruction according to what YOU wish to learn. I can come up with ideas for you, but many of my private students have certain areas of particular interest for which they would like private tutelage. These sessions offer the potential for a significant leap in your art process. Video of class emailed to you following lesson. Contact me for more info and to schedule.

color theory
color mixing
value studies
demystifying art supplies
working in series
developing a body of work
inspiration & creativity


"I so enjoyed Saturday! The gathering felt like a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea, and a good book on a snowy afternoon! Joanie gave me the confidence to know that I can paint, rather than I want to paint! Thank you ... Joanie, for taking all of us out of the box!!
from Judy, Workshop participant, New Hampshire

From a few of my awesome Weekly Students:

Joanie, I have learned so much from you I can’t list it all. One of the most amazing things has been making colors from just the primary colors, red, blue & yellow. I never imagined the possibilities. I truly thank you for everything I’ve learned. ~Joan D.

I am in awe of your enthusiasm and positivity. I am constantly inspired by your limitless imagination and encouragement.~Debbie D

As a beginning painting student, I really appreciate how encouraging Joanie is with all of her students.  I come home each week having learned something new and excited about what is to come the next week. ~Jean E

Joanie is an amazing art teacher! She is always encouraging and inspirational. I have been taking art classes for at least 30 years, and now she has taught me things that I have never learned before. I just love her class! ~Sally B

I consider myself very lucky to have found Joanie as my art teacher. She is a wonderful teacher as well as a wonderful person. Her lessons are well structured and organized, there is always enough information for the students, so each one, in their own style, time and manner, can achieve their goals. She is also very generous in sharing her know how and experience with her students and has patience and understanding for her pupils. Painting with her is a highlight of the week for me! ~Connie

Over the years I have taken class from lots of teachers, trouble is they couldn't teach! Joanie can teach!!!!!!  Many of my previous teachers also expected their students to duplicate their style. Not so with Joanie.  I feel so blessed to be in Joanie's classes where I learn something new every week and have been encouraged to find my style.  She is ever helpful and and a wonderful person to call a friend. ~Marcia C

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