CAT #3 - Dazzler - In All Honesty

This past year
I have spoken a bit about
but perhaps i haven't spoken forthrightly about...

and that is
creative journey

to say the least
has been a challenge

now that I am painting again
and feeling GOOD about what I am painting
I can admit to you all
This past year
not being able to paint
at least well enough to please my soul
was nothing short of disheartening

to say
devastating is perhaps

as I was contending with other matters
at hand

HAND!! oh yeah, two surgeries on my dominant hand.

But 2016 was the year of unfinished paintings.
it's not that i didn't paint
i just never got around to finishing,
thus posting
and i DID paint some good paintings
truly i did

but overall
just feeling a shift
and not knowing where it was leading...

i have learned
to breathe thru these times
trust that in the mystery
the path will unfold
the Light will shine
once again
wait for it...

But nonetheless
while I was going thru it
I couldn't admit it to anyone
I felt too much the fraud

but now that I am through it
(holding breath, knocking on wood, praying, praying, praying...)
I can say it

I have been in a deep creative rut
and what has sustained and blessed me throughout

So thank you students
all you talented amazing souls
my loved ones and family
my dearest most precious friends,
those of you who follow my journey here
and have inquired of my absence
as to what was up

You are my Sustaining Angels....

and I am so grateful that I have continued to be led
to paint
and create
and ahhhh
my Heart

feels full again.

And now for another silly colorful cat!

cat #3 by joanie springer 30 paintings in 30 days

CAT #3
acrylic and charcoal
100% recycled heavy paper
12 x 12 inches

I think I have decided, since I am tiptoeing back into blogging and all, that I will reserve each of these 30 pieces and perhaps offer them at the end of the month. Maybe auction?  I really don't know. Thanks for bearing with me.  At this point just painting and uploading is a BIG THING. I don't want to do anything to thwart my momentum.

I have shied away from social media, too, this past much tooting one's horn out there and I have not had the energy nor motivation to do so. But I do love sharing my process with, enough talking!!! Time to post!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Sheila said…
LOVE! Happy healing, and creating, and ... just being!
Rita Neske said…
So happy to see your work again Joanie!
Your cat is super gorgeous!!
Art is so healing...and the best part is that there is no pace to follow. You only need to follow your heart...
A happy, healthy and inspiring new year to you! 😉
Hal Wright said…
Glad to see you back and better than ever!
Gayle said…
Thank you for giving us all permission to retreat from "busy-ness" when we need to. Your 30-day whimsical cats are adorable and certainly proof that one can resurrect from a break with no loss of creative impetus or ability! In other words, it isn't a CATastrophe. LOL!
It was so refreshing to have a blog so honest and heart felt. Welcome back to the other side of sorrow:)
Melissa said…
SO GLAD you are painting again!! Hoorrraaayyy that 2016 is over! Cat #3 is GORGEOUS!
Art is so healing.....yes! Thanks for stopping by.
My friend told me once, Why make it hard when you can make it easy. How enlightening! Just follow one's heart....
CATastrophe.....hilarious and love it! Thanks, Gal.
Feels good to be back....knowing that even the more mysterious patches we go thru are rich. Thanks for your encouragement.
Yeah, 2016 was collectively certainly not a great one. But paint and art and cats and all things beautiful are a perfect antidote methinks. Thanks!!
I was unable to create for months in 2016 during a health crisis. I didn't even have the energy to lift a pencil. Now I'm getting healthy again, and I hear you on how great it is to feel the creative spark once more. I'm so glad your hands are working and you can paint again, too!
I'm glad you shared! I know it's been a tough year for you, but you are holding up really are. You can paint better with a gimp hand than I do with either hand. Ha.
Nothing fraudulent about that cat, it's demeanor says 'I'm soo much better than you people' - it's curlicue whiskers rock, as do the cunning little dots they sprout from. Love it.
patricia voelz said…
So glad you are back painting now.. I missed your unique, creative art last year. It looks like you are really back in the swing of it and I expect big things from you this year. Your writing has also hit home with me. Thanks for the update. Pat Voelz
Thx for your kind comment, Harmony. (Gorgeous name!) Sorry to hear of your health challenges, bummer....even doing an awkward sketch with my left hand during recovery brought a deep joy. 5 mins. Thats all it takes sometimes. To stop altogether causes such pain. Wishing you a flow of creativity and inspiration snd complete recovery. Blessings!
Thx for your comment dear and talented Margaret. Right handed left handed doesnt matter st all...

Just keepin' on Creating. Xo
There are just periods we go thru as living breathing Creatives. Sometimes health knocks us down sometimes just the minutiae of Life. Just keeping coming back to some creative pursuit no matter how small or quiet, i am convinced, is the best healer of all. Wishing you a gallon of Inspiration, Pat!