From Chaos to Order at My Sketching Desk (Art Studio Overhaul)

After being blessed with my own home which meant for the first time in 7+ years since I started painting that I would have my own dedicated art studio....well, Bliss happened.

my dedicated sketching desk in my art studio
But I soon learned that I needed TWO STATIONS for making art, one dedicated solely to my sketching, diy, crafting and playing around projects. And the other to painting. (The latter my more serious work.)

Off to the thrift store where I found the above utilitarian desk.

But I encountered another problem - everything I had on the desk kept falling backward!  Ugh. The solution? Make a back for it. I am no carpenter, but I am resourceful so I dreamed up this little design. And if I may boast a wee second, I was really excited to have mitred the ends. See those diagonal cuts? I did these by hand with a little mitre box. Ooh fun.

making a backing shelf for my sketching desk in my art studio

diy backing shelf for sketching desk in my art studio

You can see those soup cans up there? I used them for awhile, but decided over the weekend to get myself some of those heavy glass votive candle holders from the Dollar Tree. And then because I have soooo many art supplies and pencils galore, to even label the holders. Now I am really grooving along, finding what I need in record time and having no excuse to immediately put away everything easily when done using.

(Yes, I bought a label maker at Office Depot. Cool fun!)

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There is a VIDEO below this, so if you don't see it, hop over to my blog.

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Blessings and Paint On!


Nancy Faris said…
Great little video. Love the labels!
Sheila said…
High five on the mitered pieces! Love the glass canisters, keeps everything visible and easy to find. :)
Dorleen McBride said…
Just love it esp. the labeling...a woman after my own heart :-). I so appreciate the 'visual' of your re-organized space and ran right out to my local $ store and drat, they didn't have anything like the glass containers you found and the plastic ones I've tried just tip over. I'll keep looking.
Thank you for sharing your ideas..they are always inspiring.
joanieART said…
Yeah, mitre-ing (sp?) is so cool. And I agree, glass is best as I, like most of us artists, are so visually oriented. If i don't see something (like its in a drawer) i completely forget about it. Be well!
joanieART said…
Dollar Tree is the only dollar store that carries these. Look can order them by the dozen from . And pick them up for free at your closest store. Glad to inspire! ; )
joanieART said…
For some reason this post got duplicated and some comments were on one and some on the other. Egad. So this is Joanie and I am going to post the other two over here.

Marcella RuledgeJuly 5, 2016 at 7:30 AM
I love your use of the votive candle holders - I plan to check those out myself. and your right about needing two desks - I find myself sitting in front of my computer trying to sketch with zero room.

joanieART said…
Here's another one I am copying over. Joanie

Margaret StoneJuly 5, 2016 at 8:07 AM
Looks good!!!! I am making a Dollar Store list and voila, just added the glass votive candle holders. What a fantastic idea. Love it as opposed to bunches of stray aluminum cans and other such. I like glass anyway. Replacing a lot of the funky metals. Putting the back on your drawing desk was an excellent idea. Being handy is the greatest. Going to watch some of your videos. But love the glass holders. Aeons ago I had a label maker. But no currently.
Happy day after the 4th.......Margaret
joanieART said…
Two desks, it has changed everything for me! try it and let me know if it works for you, too, Marcella.
joanieART said…
I have always coveted label makers but finally splurged. Will do a new post with a bit more about this as I have had requests. Thanks for stopping by!
joanieART said…
From Kathy Blackwell

Fabulous! And you ARE resourceful and tenacious and are just incredible! Love the labeler! on From Chaos to Order at My Sketching Desk (Art Studio Overhaul)

(another one of those messed up links!)

joanieART said…
Thanks, Kathy. I am always trying to stay one step ahead of chaos!!! Guess that's what makes me resourceful. Smile.