Not A Cat, LOL

Ah, faces.

Just had to paint one.

Grabbed an old study



and ....

this face emerged.

Emerging - portrait by Joanie Springer 2017FEB
9 x 12
140lb watercolor paper
work in progress, but almost done

Moral of the story: Never get rid of your studies!  Paint on them. This painting is much more fun that it appears against that crazy abstract background, don't you think? 


Susan Levin said…
What a wonderful painting. I envy you your freedom!
Thank's Susan. Keeping it loose and Expressive is where I find the greatest joy.
laisha said…
Love her, the bacground patterns and colors chosen. Great work Joanie!
joanieART said…
Glad you like her, Laisha. Odd juxtapositions can be fun! See you in April, right?