CAT #9 Greenbay

Well, I successfully and effortlessly got off of jury duty. After all, flash flood watches were in force all day. Piece of cake, called in, they rescheduled me for end of June. Phew!

CAT #9 by Joanie Springer - 30 Cats in 30 Days

CAT #9

acrylic and charcoal
12 x 12 inches
100% recycled heavy paper

This one is based loosely on my FiFiona....and I did something wild with the color this go-round. Greens and orange, and a smidge of my all-time fave, blue-green.

Here are my gorgeous rescue kitties. Blossom is now 10 and FiFi 7. 

Blossom the Beautiful - my calico cat

Sweet and Shy FiFiona - my lovely smokey cat

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


patricia voelz said…
Good for you Joanie. I never liked jury duty myself. Hope the flood is abating. Kitty is very cute. You kitties are beautiful. They are inspirations. Pat
I'm really enjoying your Cat series Joanie. Will there be a video to share soon? I love learning from you. Happy New Year!
Nancy Faris said…
Love this one and it does look like "Blossom"
great idea, Susan. Perhaps when all 30 are done, I will put together a Paint a Cat tutorial. anyone else interested???
Sheila said…
I love this one, and it is your favorite color that is catching my eye. Beautiful! WOW, gorgeous cats :)
Melissa said…
A "Paint a Cat Tutorial" would be awesome!! Another beautiful kitty, Joanie!