CAT #8 Annie Bannie Bo Bannie

Well, last night and Fizzling storm at all, this was scary FIERCE! The pineapple express returned with a vengeance. Flooding everywhere (not in homes, thank God) but those flash floods that happen almost instantaneously when the creek and laguna are full are a bit unnerving.

But I did manage today, after the power went back on, to paint Cats #10 - 12. But you'll have to wait for them, wink.

Here's #8

CAT #8 by Joanie Springer 30 cats in 30 days
CAT #8
Annie Bannie Bo Bannie
acrylic and charcoal
12 x 12 inches
100% recycled heavy paper

As you can see, I was on an orange vs blue/green kick here. As they are complementary colors, they are a bit jumpy together but fun. So another kitty cat done. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, here's what my town of Rohnert Park looked like earlier today. Why people drive in these conditions is beyond my comprehending!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Gayle said…
Oh my! That is indeed a Royal Cat not to be deterred by "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night". After seeing the picture of your weather-beaten town, I am grateful that all we got was a foot and some of snow and definitely won't complain of any further snow. Looking forward to the next 22 lovely felines!
Melissa said…
Purrrfectly beautiful!! I think this is my favorites so far....of course I think that about every one! You are doing a great job on these kitties, Joanie! Glad you are "safe from the storm"...WOW! Looking forward to the next cat painting!
Wakar said…
Enjoying this series! Glad you got your power back on. Keep your feet dry!
Glad you like kitty #8 Gayle. I come from snow's much less scary that raging water I must say. Creates it's own issues I am well aware. Don'the eat it! Lol.
Good morning, Melissa, and thanks for following along with this series which is very dear to my heart. Maybe I will call the series MeowVille when I am done. Chuckle.
Painted by natural light yesterday during the storm. No power when there is daytime peeking thru isn't half as scary as no lights in the dark. Paint Cats! Xo
patricia voelz said…
Glad you are doing ok. The water is very scary. Hope you are high and dry. I have never been in a bad place during a flood but have had them all around me. Love your kitty. Keep painting. Pat
Sheila said…
That's why the lady is a tramp. Oh she has serious catitude! LOve! Hope the waters subside soon.
I was raised in snow land. Raging water is a whole other ballgame. But all homes safe where I live. GRATITUDE!
She does seem to put off that vibe that she is special, right? Lol.