CAT #4 GlamourPuss

Hi folks,

Thanks for all the lovely feedback on yesterday's "honesty" post. Wow. You all blow me away.

cat #4 by joanie springer 30 paintings in 30 days

CAT #4
acrylic and charcoal
12 x 12 "
100% recycled heavy paper (yeah!)

This little meow furry one is all sorts of broken colors. I'm practicing different brushstrokes, still trying to keep it loose, but adding more detail too. This is all play....and I'm enjoying it. Hope you are, too. I can't even imagine what #30 will look like as each day I am trying to do something a bit different. All fun!

By the way, I repainted CAT #1 if you want to take a peek. I have a hard time stopping futzing around.

NOTE: I've added a new 30 Cats category...under Paintings. See graphic below as to how to find that new link. This will grow.......til there are 30 cats!

30 cats in 30 days

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Fran said…
I am loving this series of cats!!! We adopted 2 gorgeous black cats last year who were in an animal shelter. They are 3 years old now. My goodness, the joy they bring our family and our 3 kids is endless and unlimited. Your soulful paintings are just making my heart swell!!!
Good to hear from you, Fran. All my cats are rescue cats and the absolute joys of my life. What am joy is right, and so gooooood for your kids to have little beings to care for. Blessings! So glad you are enjoying my 30 Cats Series (or however many i end up painting!)
edith said…
You get such wonderful expressions in your cats! and fun, creative colors!
Thx, Edith. Some are sillier than others but each a character. Here's hoping i can knock off the full 30. Stay tuned.