3 Faces and What is Style?

I paint a lot of faces as most of you know. I am enthralled by what comes thru in a face more than the physical characteristics of a face.  My work reflects that....I paint them because of essence, and not because the nose is so many centimeters from the top of the lips, etc.

That said, I CAN finally knock out a fairly good representational portrait, so my skills have increased which is a good thing. But is it what I want to do, love to do the most? Not particularly.

I don't know what it all means...but I am giving myself permission to just paint faces any old way I feel like in the moment. Why give myself unnecessary and restrictive rules? I tell my students all the time, No Rules!  So I must practice what I preach.

So what do you think about these faces?

Three painted in last couple of months. Quite different.

Three different portraits of woman's faces. Which is my style?  I say All of Them!

Colorful Portrait (was my goal)
acrylic and pastel pencils
10 x 8 inches on textured canvas panel

Don't worry about style, just paint. Paint as much as you can, and paint whatever your heart desires. All the rest just falls into place - your style, your artistic calling, and the way forward. "Don't worry, be happy."

* I am really having a rough time taking GREAT pictures lately, so I may be looking for a new camera. Or just improve the photographer that I am (not). When you blog, images are really everything.  The above pics by my phone.

Blessings and Paint On!


Gayle said…
What makes all these faces "your" style Joanie, is that all give the feeling they are just about to tell a story - perhaps, pardon the pun, they are "storytelling interfaces". Just to make sure that I was using that word appropriately, I looked up the definition: Interface: the place or area at which different things meet and communicate with or affect each other. Yes, I think it fits nicely! I've often thought that it would be interesting if you posted a select number these charming portraits, and asked readers to "make them talk", that is, submit a short paragraph, or a sentence or two of the very thing they can imagine the portrait is telling them. I would be so interesting to compare the stories! Could call it: Impressions of Expressions! Oh my....am getting carried away. See the effect those portraits produce?
I also love faces. at first I was afraid to try but one day just said I will paint nothing but faces and fill a journal, which I did. as I continued I found it easier and my images improved - nose easier, eyes with more expression, lips much better. but I never wanted them to be "perfect" - always a little off, quirky, fun. I continue to paint faces and figures and see my style coming out. practice is the key.
Sheila said…
All three are exceptional. I am in awe because I would like to do faces better. Why choose I say, if you can representational, and the other then why not! They all have warmth, and personality and wonderful textures. :)
joanieART said…
Oh Gayle, I love your idea! And your comment, insight, into my story telling girls. Sometimes it is so easy to dismiss a portrait as "just a face" but for me it is so much more. Thanks so much for your commments!
joanieART said…
I say go for the Quirk and Original any day! Thanks for commenting Marcella. Practice IS the key, for sure.
joanieART said…
Yes, why choose indeed. Each painting is yet one more snippet of our soul's expression. How could some be "wrong" and others "right" - they just are what they are. Thank you so much, Sheila, for your kind words.
Hey there Joanie! Excellent post. As you know, I absolutely LOVE your style!!! Always have and always will. Great advice for sure!! Hope your hand is healing well!!! Happy Spring to you.