Gouache - What's Not To Love?

There are some great people over there at DaVinci paints – responsive emails, and full of great info.  And BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – A few months ago I discovered their brilliant Gouache…..
What's not to love about Gouache?  a list of virtues by contemporary gouache artist Joanie Springer

Here’s my list of the Veritable Virtues of Gouache
  • use it like watercolor – gorgeous washes, that ineffable granularity of certain pigments watercolorists can’t get enough of, layer it
  • use it like acrylics – fast drying, layering potential is fantastic, vibrant colors, perfect medium for experimental or traditional painting
  • use it like oils – light transparent layers, or traditional rich opacity, take your pick. Or best of all, mix them up
  • try varnishing your finished gouache painting with wax and it will look almost like an oil painting, no kidding
  • honestly, there’s very little to no mess (and I’m a very messy painter – always the first one at a workshop with paint on her nose, hair, everywhere)
  • offers an endless variety of consistency from rich tube color to diluted washes
  • never a sticky or ruined brush – I use water and mild soap to clean my brushes, so quick to clean
  • no brain busting figuring out what to do with the used paint water/oil….other media require toxic waste dumping, stockings in buckets to filter out chunks of paint, saving waste water in a big tub outside in garage or patio waiting for it to settle… and so on, for those who are conscientious painters, and I hope you are one of them.
  • no toxicity (DaVinci) – earth friendly – this is a no-brainer choice for me!
  • and best of all an awesome painting experience. Keep playing with it….it will continue to show you new ways to work with it.
  • and my conclusion:  What’s not to love about Gouache?
gouache - what's not to love?
Here’s a little gal I painted in gouache and ink (including copper ink) this morning….she won’t be posted for a few days, but here’s a sneak peek!  Introducing “Flower Child“, 7 x 5, gouache and ink.
And DaVinci’s line of professional artist’s gouache is lightfast-tested (I and II) includes brilliant rich colors, non-toxic pigments, and large economical tubes.  DaVinci paints have been around for 80+ years….they know their pigments and you can trust their brand.  And they are made right here in the U.S.  This is now my paint and brand of preference. Hands down.
Get thyself to DickBlick, my friends, and try some yourself!
Meanwhile, GOUACHE ON!

Blessings and Paint On! ~Joanie