I've got a few categories here to make it a bit easier for you to view.

Usually works on paper, some done as demos, or experiments, no mat unless specified under individual piece. Very affordable way to collect my art. These can be a variety of subjects.

Faces & Figures
Yes, I am probably first and foremost a portrait painter, but not in the traditional sense. I don't worry about realism, but more impression/expressionism. The eyes haunt, beckon, and the rest is...

Furry Friends
I am a huge animal lover, especially cats since I live with three of them. A very familiar and much painted and dearly loved subject.

Still Life
I love exploring the simple objects laying around my home, or friends homes. I always have my camera ready and take multiple shots of the same scene. This gives me many more options to paint from.

This is a wee fraction of my sold pieces, because truth be told, I've changed my website several times over the year, and really haven't tracked well with photos all my sold pieces. Always lose a bunch when changing over, too. Oh well, here's a few.