CAT #29 I've Been Framed!

Oh my gosh, friends...I am done. #30 goes up tomorrow and this little guy in his bow tie is the penultimate (always loved that word) cat in my 30 Cats in 30 Days....well, it actually took me closer to 45 days, but still! 

CAT #29 I've Been Framed by Joanie Springer #30cats

CAT #29
 I've Been Framed

12 x 12 in.
100% recycled heavy paper

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!

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Blessings, Joanie


Margaret said…
Joanie, do you have a link to all the cats?
Chris Carter said…
Congratulations, Joanie! You did it ... and now it's on to the next challenge. Great series!
joanieART said…
Hi Margaret, Yes! in the menubar above, hover over SHOP and see that "30 Cats"? There you can see the entire series.
joanieART said…
Hey Chris, yes I did it! Tomorrow's post is already queued up. At this point a series of about 10 looks good to me. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Love it! Love them all. It has been so much fun to watch for them. It may have been a slog for you, but pure pleasure for me! Kathy Nichols
Margaret said…
Thanks, got it. They are sooooo cute!!!
joanieART said…
Thanks so much, Kathy! woohoo.....on to the next thing.

Actually its on to prep for exhibit. That's a load of work itself.
Margaret Hendrickson said…
You dood it! Glad for you and inspiration for me....I may continue my struggle with strawberries. Did about 6 and still making same mistakes...reminds me of piano practice years ago!
Will you share what you learned from this with us? (that cats don't sit still, of course)
Sheila Johnston said…
I've really enjoyed all the cats. Are you planning on selling of them?