CAT #19 Say It Ain't So...

CAT #19 by Joanie Springer 30 CATs in 30 Days

CAT #19
Say It Ain't So

acrylic and charcoal
12 x 12 in.
100% recycled heavy paper

I had to do it, I am still behind because I post at day's end, and my emails don't go out til 6am next day. So I hope this is the last time that two cats go out on same day.

But come Friday and Saturday you will see why I had to catch up.

Ooooh, was that a teaser?

Master Shifu was my model and though a lovely Siamese type coloring in real life, mine is, well, blues and greens!

Be Creative. It's Good for the Soul!


Gayle said…
As I'd commented in a few previous posts, I'm LOVING this series and I can't remember if I'd mentioned as well how "a propos" the names are that you are giving them - these really bring those critters alive with thought!! As I'm looking at the ones displayed together under "You may enjoy", I'm just noticing that Cat #4 hasn't been baptized with a surname yet.....could she be thinking" Hey, what about me???"
You are so right, Gayle. I have gone back and given at least a title, if not a cat name to each post now. But before these are all exhibited they names may change!